Top 5 Hiking destinations in Kathmandu valley

Published By: July 26, 2022Written By:Shankar Adhikari

Hiking: Hiking is a moderately demanding activity. It is a strenuous, lengthy walk. Typically, hikers use footpaths or trails through rural areas. Most visitors who hike in Nepal do so to experience the natural world. We are all aware of how beautiful nature is in Nepal. People from all over the world spend a lot of money to travel to or view Nepal’s beauty. The trekking opportunities in Nepal are one of the main draws for visitors from abroad. because there are numerous hiking spots available throughout Nepal. Similarly, in this article, we will be talking about the Best Hiking in Kathmandu Valley.

People hike primarily because they enjoy being in nature and spending time here. Some people only do it for fun, to experience the rush of adrenaline, or to test their physical limits on the steep ridges. In particular, some people take up trekking as a hobby since it is cheap and simple. Similar to this, local tourists in Nepal go on hikes with their buddies just for fun. A person can gain greatly from hiking both physically and mentally.

The Physical Benefit Of Hiking

  • Hiking helps you keep a healthy blood sugar level in your body. Walking increases the amount of sugar in your blood, which helps you maintain a healthy blood sugar level.
  • It strengthens your heart – Since hiking involves walking, which causes your heart to beat quickly, hiking can strengthen your heart.
  • It helps you burn a ton of calories — As we all know, hiking increases your heart rate, which causes you to burn a lot of calories.

Mental Benefit Of Hiking

  • It clears your head – Spending time in nature while hiking can help to boost your headspace.
  • It improves your outlook – Spending time in nature, which is nourishing for your skin, while hiking can also improve your outlook.
  • You’ll be mentally strong. Since hiking requires mental focus, it can also help you become mentally strong. You should be aware of everything around you if you don’t want to risk hurting yourself or worse.
  • It lessens your tendency to ruminate ( according to the studies done at Sanford university)

We are all aware of the many advantages of hiking. Because Nepal is renowned for its high peaks, we also know that there are numerous hiking opportunities there. among all the Nepalese hiking trails. These are Nepal’s top five places for hiking, according to Kathmandu.

Chandragiri Hike

Nagarkot Hike

The Nagarkot climb is a location 32 kilometers outside of the Kathmandu Valley. Both the sunrise and the sunset are stunning during the hike. This high station also provides a stunning outlook. As a result, visitors from all over the world travel here to enjoy this location’s beauty.

This trip is perfect for novices of all ages and is one of Nepal’s most well-liked short treks. One of the most popular hikes in Nepal is this one. You travel through rhododendron, oak, and pine forests to get there, where you’ll learn about village life and enjoy views of the Kathmandu Valley and the snow-capped Himalayan peaks from Nagarkot. From Kathmandu, watch the Everest dawn.

Here, time flows at a different rate, and nobody appears to be rushing. Admire their carefree way of living while taking a deep breath of fresh air. We proceed further up the slope till we arrive at the lookout. Bring some binoculars if you can to get an even better perspective of the craggy peaks. At the summit, we take our time to relax and take in the stunning Himalayas. Therefore, it is the Best Hiking in Kathmandu Valley.

The Nagarkot Day Hike’s accessibility from Kathmandu makes it the most appealing hike for nature enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. After a short while of hiking on the gentle trail, you will come upon pristine peaks. It’s ideal for a group of friends, a family, and a lone traveler. It provides a comprehensive perspective of numerous summits, including the Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Jugal, and Maha Langur ranges.

The trek to Nagarkot is an addition to the tour of the Kathmandu Valley. I would like to visit the location as it is one of my future trips. It also provides a variety of facilities. This location can be visited in a single day, making it ideal for those who are busy.

Chisapani Nagarkot Route

This method is for you if you choose to remain in Kathmandu. You can begin the trip in SundariJal and ascend to Chisa Pani from the Bagmati river. While hiking, you can view the sunrise from Chisapani Lake. The trial also travels to Nagarkot. You can get to Dhulikhel after sleeping at Nagarkot for one night. Your journey can finish there. Even though it’s a short hike, it’s the greatest for those of you who have never been on a hike before. Therefore, it is the Best Hiking in Kathmandu Valley.

Phulchowki Hike

With a height of 2760 feet, Pulchowki Hill is one of the Kathmandu Valley’s tallest ridges. It is one of Nepal’s Top Hiking Destinations. The hike takes on average four hours. South of Kathmandu Valley, it is located. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive view of the Jugal, Manaslu, and Everest, making it one of the top trekking locations in Nepal for both domestic and foreign tourists. When you get to the top, it offers a breathtaking vista. Southeast of the Kathmandu Valley, in the Lalitpur district, is Phulchowki.

Kathmandu Valley also includes the Lalitpur district. Thus, it is simple for valley residents. You may travel to a lovely area of Godavari village with a magnificent botanical garden in less than an hour. The Phulchowki Mai shrine, which is encircled with prayer flags and tridents, is located at the top of the hill. Therefore, it is the Best Hiking in Kathmandu Valley.

If you manage to hike along this trail in March or April, you might get an opportunity to see the yearly religious festival that lasts for a whole month at the Phulchoki shrine as well as several other significant celebrations that take place on the full moon days in July and August every year. People visit to view it because they also like it. At Phulchowki, snowfall is possible from the end of winter until the autumn’s heavy fall.

Phulchowki Hike

Phulchowki is a popular tourist destination, especially from December to February. On a clear day, you can also see Gaurishanker in the east from the eastern Annapurna range. Another magnificent aspect of this trip is the additional beautiful vista over the Kathmandu valley. In addition, it is the only location close to Kathmandu where it snows during the winter.

A dense forest of various plants, including Rhododendron of various colors, including pristine white and dark red, surrounds Phulchowki Hill. Different species of birds and butterflies can be found because of this stunning and deep forest. Therefore, it is the Best Hiking in Kathmandu Valley.

There are many different bird species that you can see while hiking, including the Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher, Rufous-bellied Niltava, Yellow-browed Tit, Chestnut-headed Tesia, Red-billed Leiothrix, Greater Yellow nape, Grey-headed Woodpecker, Nepal Cutia, Whiskered Yuhina, Besra, Bronzed and Racket-tailed Drongos, Ultramarine Flycatcher, and Black-wing.

The Phulchowki climb’s general itinerary is as follows: Hotel pickup; 45-minute drive to Godawari; 3–4–hour hike to Phulchowki Mai; 1–hour lunch break at the top of the mountain; 2-hour descent to Godawari; and 3-hour drive back to Kathmandu (45 mins).

Champadevi Hike

Nepal is well-known for its mountains and hills throughout the entire world. In Nepal, there are numerous Top Hiking Locations. The Champadevi climb will help you appreciate our nation’s beauty. It is one of Nepal’s most historic top hiking locations. Even visitors from abroad visit this location to take in its splendor.

You will experience the journey like never before once you begin the hike. From here, you may snap stunning shots. Here, you and your companion can have quality time together. Once you begin your walk, all of your problems will be forgotten. Starting from the north of Pharping and ascending to the Hattiban Resort, the simplest ascent route to Champadevi begins.

A well-traveled path leaves the resort and heads northwest through a pine forest, up the grassy ridge top, and to the Buddhist stupa and Hindu shrine. Champadevi climb is located in Kathmandu and is the ideal site to see the magnificent views of Langtang, Gauri Shankar, Jugal, Dorje Lakpa, and other mountains. You will be able to see the panorama of Kathmandu’s outskirts while hiking over asphalt roads for the first kilometer, which is one of the trail’s least interesting sections. Therefore, it is the Best Hiking in Kathmandu Valley.

Continue on the trail for another 1.2 km west, passing through a traditional Nepali village.

The next 2.2 km of the trip, which climbs 600 m to the top, is the most difficult. After 700m of trail-following through thick forest, you’ll come to a fork. From here, turn right to join the main route and travel northwest. The Hattiban Resort is reached by turning left and going down. A combination of single tracks, steep trails, and graveled routes make up the arduous 600-meter ascent. Maintain a steady pace while walking and stop as required. Don’t forget to look down as well to determine how high you have climbed.

Enjoy the stunning views of the verdant hills covered with vibrant flowers and try to identify some of the local animals, such as different species of birds. You’ll reach the Champadevi top after 1.6 kilometers of northwestward walking. View the prayer flags and tiny Hindu temples that may be found on the hillside. Prayer flags are a significant symbol for designating a hill’s summit. Therefore, it is the Best Hiking in Kathmandu Valley.

Additionally, it is renowned for its serenity and walks. People come here with their families and friends from all over Nepal because it offers peace of mind and an enjoyable time with friends. It’s a hike that can be completed in a single day. You may witness the Bagmati River, Bagmati, Khokana, and Pharping, all of which are historical locations in Nepal while hiking to Champa Devi.

On your right, you can see Fulchoki Hill, and on your left, Chandra Giri, the tallest hill in the Kathmandu Valley. When you get to Champa Devi, you can relax and eat any packed food, cookies, or junk food that you brought from Kathmandu. It gives folks quick vacations and the most quality time with their loved ones. However, as each of our hiking vacations is private for you, you can take a stroll at your own speed.

Chandragiri Hike

Hindu mythology is well-known for the Chandragiri hill. It’s also said that while Lord Shiva was carrying the goddess Sati Devi, her forehead was there. A hiking-friendly road has been constructed by the government. Additionally, the Chandragiri trek is well known for its cable car. One of the best day hikes in the Kathmandu Valley is at Chandragiri.

Chandragiri hill also has a huge impact on the history of our country. It is said that the Late king Prithvi Narayan shah once visited the top of the hill and decided to make Kathmandu city the capital of the country. To remember this incident there is a big statue of king Prithvi Narayan shah near the Baleshwar temple. You can take beautiful pictures from this place. Therefore, it is the Best Hiking in Kathmandu Valley.

Chandragiri Temple

The Hindu Temple at Matatirtha or Hotel Outlook INN is where the hike begins. You become different in a clean environment, and you experience mental relaxation. Additionally, you may get a panoramic vista of the Ganesh Himal and Langtang mountain ranges. The trail from Outlook Inn hotel travels through a small settlement and forest before arriving at Chhap Bhanjyang at 2275m.

You will be able to see the entire Kathmandu valley once you reach the hike’s summit. To get to the Chhap Bhanjyang, you must go up a stone staircase for three hours. In the neighborhood tea shop, you may purchase tea and coffee. Only throughout the season is this tea establishment open. You will reach Chandragiri Hill at 2729m after an hour of forest walking. Therefore, it is the Best Hiking in Kathmandu Valley.

Amazing mountain vistas, including those of Mt. Saipal to Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang Himal, Dorje Lakpa, and the Gaurishankar peak range, may be seen from Chandragiri Hill. Chandragiri day trekking is abundant in medicinal herbs in addition to its stunning natural surroundings. It is a great location to witness different bird species and a haven for bird watchers.

I think one of the nicest places to trek is Chandragiri. It is also well known for its snowfall. In summary, people travel there to walk primarily during the winter months from all across Nepal. From Matatirtha, you can take a muddy newly constructed road to the Chandragiri climb. One of the sacred sites is Matatirtha, where some people assert that they can see their mothers. Third refers to a sacred location, and mata signifies mother. For the locals in the area, it is quite valuable. Therefore, it is the Best Hiking in Kathmandu Valley.

I advise you to go in March if you decide to hike up Chandragiri Hill. You will be able to witness the Matatirtha Aunsi festival if you choose to do it in March. From there, it takes around two hours of walking. Since it is one of Kathmandu’s thickest forests, you can also appreciate it from that route. It houses untamed creatures, including cheetahs.

Shivapuri Hike

The 2535 m-high Shivapuri climb is situated north of the Kathmandu valley. Similar to this, the Shivapuri climb is a popular hiking location known for its winding roads and footpaths. A 3-hour hike to Shivapuri is required. The peak gave the park its name, Shivpuri. The ninth national park is Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. It was started in the year 2002. It is called after the 2,732 m-high Shivapuri Peak and is situated in the country’s mid-hills on the northern outskirts of the Kathmandu Valley.

Shivapuri Hike

One-day travel packages specifically created for Shivapuri National Park Day Hiking are available. This excursion is designed for a day of hiking in the Kathmandu Valley. This begins at where you are staying inside the Kathmandu Valley and finishes there. You will have plenty of opportunities to see birds and waterfalls while on the trip. Similar to that, the path is well known for its expansive views of the Kathmandu Valley. As a result, it ranks among Nepal’s Top Hiking Destinations.

After passing Tare Bhir and hiking for three hours, you will arrive at Mulkharka Sundarijal. There are several alternatives in the Shivapuri region for hikes of any length, from two to three hours to all day. We can go up to Nagi Gompa and return to Kapan Gompa if you’re looking for a quick hike nearby. We travel through the Shivapuri conservation area as we leave Budhanilkantha. Over 500 species can be found in woods that are protected by the government. The southernmost point of the region where the army checkpoint is situated is where we begin our walk. Therefore, it is the Best Hiking in Kathmandu Valley.

The only monastery where nuns can practice Buddhism is Nagi Gumpa, which is located at an altitude of 2330 meters above Budhanilkantha Temple and north of Kathmandu. Foreigners frequently visit Nagi Gumpa for meditation. For about 30 minutes, there is a steep uphill trek on a winding, dusty trail, then for the next two hours, there is a moderate upward hike to Shivapuri.

The Annapurna range, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal Langtang, Gauri Sankar, and a few peaks of the Rowing range are all visible from the Shivapuri climb. Shivapuri climb costs $120 per person, which is a little on the expensive side. But this is the spot to go if you want to have an exciting experience hiking in Nepal.

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