Pokhara Attraction tours in Nepal

Pokhara Attraction tours in Nepal

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Pokhara is a city hidden away in Nepal’s western region, an affluent, geographically, and culturally varied nation. In terms of tourism, Pokhara is a prominent region in Nepal. Many well-known hikes across the world can be accessed through it. Near Pokhara are some of the world’s tallest mountains, including Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu. Therefore, here in this article, we will discuss some of the best Pokhara Attraction Tours in Nepal.

They can therefore see clearly. Just north of Pokhara is the Annapurna Conservation Area. Pokhara is therefore perfect for tourists. The regions close to Pokhara are arguably more fascinating than the city itself, which is a utopia for tourists and trekkers. 

Numerous treks, some short and others lengthy, leave from Pokhara. The introduction to a distinctive culture and way of life, a rich heritage and tradition, greenery in the surrounding hills, and some of the tallest peaks in the world have all contributed to the popularity of the short treks near Pokhara.

During the short journey from Pokhara to the Gurung villages, one has the opportunity to experience this ethnic group’s way of life.

Following are the top 10 best Pokhara Attraction tours in Nepal

Ghandruk Trek

One of the best quick hikes close to Pokhara is the Ghandruk trek. It takes you across western Nepal’s stunning Annapurna Region. Even though Ghandruk is now reachable by car, the experience of the village’s way of life can only be had by trekking. The deep subtropical valleys of Ghandruk and the traditional Tibetan-Nepali way of life are its most notable features. 

The path to Ghandruk travels through numerous hills where the wind is active and the weather is erratic. Both the pine woodland and the rhododendron grove are beautiful. Occasionally you can hear birds singing or chirping. On the hilltops, as you approach Ghandruk, clouds surround you. Therefore, it is one of the best Pokhara Attraction Tours in Nepal.

The Ghandruk trek is a typical short walk that is best suited for novice hikers and those looking to stretch their legs and unwind in Nepal’s verdant, tranquil surroundings beneath the Himalayas. The popular Ghandruk Village Trek, however, is the ideal way for you and your family to see Nepal’s natural beauty and culture.

Sikles Trek 

A recent rise in popularity is the short hike to Siklesh from Pokhara. However, the number of visitors has grown since Sikesh was identified as a potential trekking location. The Gurung people live in Sikles, one of the biggest villages northeast of Pokhara. 

The trek’s cultural aspect, where you get to experience the real culture and traditions of the ethnic communities, is one of its most exciting features. In the Rodhi Ghar, you can even participate in their dancing and music.

For its abundant biodiversity, notably for bird and butterfly watching, Sikles Trek is best known. Wildlife is thriving in Sikles thanks to the diverse species of plants and flowers that are present. Additionally, Siklesh’s homestays provide you a feeling of home away from home. 

It is simply a lovely experience to approach the wonderful village of Siklesh and be cordially welcomed by the happy inhabitants after traversing the terraced hills to the lowlands. Siklesh contains everything you need to know about short walks, although these experiences are typically only had during lengthy treks.

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Royal Trek 

According to the description, the Royal Trek is a trekking route that Prince Charles trekked in the 1980s in the Annapurna Region of Nepal. The best views and warmest hospitality are provided by the locals, making the royal walk truly royal. Along the trek, you must traverse fascinating valleys and challenging ridges. Within a short drive of Pokhara, you may see rare plants, animals, a vibrant culture, and ancient traditions.

The Gurung people who inhabit these paths are friendly and welcoming. They are eager to share with you their culture, delicious foods, libations, and attire. The towering terrace farms are a striking feature that is best captured on camera. 

The huge Annapurna Mountain range forms the backdrop to the entire panorama, appearing to practically dissolve into the sky above. When there are few clouds in the sky in the spring, the ranges are usually visible. Therefore, take the next available bus or flight to Pokhara to see the region’s royal side.

Dhampus Trek 

Famous treks like Dhampus can be started from Pokhara, which has long been a popular hiking and trekking destination for both locals and visitors. You have the opportunity to escape the rush of city life in the Dhampus village, which is quietly nestled away in western Nepal. 

The opportunity to interact and learn about the various ethnic groups living in the town is provided by this excursion. One of the best vantage spots in the Annapurna Region is its primary claim to fame.

Along the entire trekking circuit with other mountain ranges, there are views of Dhampus Peak, which is 6012 meters above sea level. The Dhampus trek, like most short hikes in the Pokhara area, is renowned for its cultural interactions with the Gurung populations that predominate in this region.  Therefore, it is one of the best Pokhara Attraction Tours in Nepal.

One of the rare treks that offer views, flora, an introduction to a new culture, and a slight physical challenge is Dhampus. Therefore, start your hike toward Dhampus if you want a quick hike with it all. 

Outline itinerary for this Trip

Day 01:Drive to Kande trek to Dhampus for 4 hours

In a private car, a knowledgeable hiking guide from Real Adventures arrives at your Pokhara hotel. Make sure to have breakfast before eight. The Pokhara-Baglung highway gets you to Kande, the starting site of the Dhampus Trek, in one hour. Walking into the little village of Kande at the start of our trek allows us to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the Pokhara valley, which is home to several picturesque lakes.

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Naudanda Hike

The Naudanda day trek is the finest if you’re searching for a quick escape from your busy life or to spend time with your friends and family on the weekend. A short climb near Pokhara that has recently gained popularity is the Naudanda day hike. 

It is ideal for older travelers, families, nature lovers, people looking for a cultural experience, and those interested in environmental education. 

The day trek is unique in that it is not a challenging or difficult walk. As a result, if you enjoy traveling with family or friends, you should do the same. On your journey to the mountaintop, though, you may even run into a lot of lone hikers. The Naudanda day hike has a maximum elevation of about 1540m, making it a simple trek. 

The Naudanda day trek hasn’t exactly been well-liked. You can thus anticipate fewer tourists. Danda Hill is serene and ideal for taking a day off. The mountains, which appear nearly golden in the morning sunlight, are exceptionally visible from the Naudanda walk.

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Panchese Trek

The Annapurna Region’s Panchase Trek is a lovely trekking adventure that gives magnificent views of the mountain ranges from Panchase Hill. It is a well-known hike close to Pokhara. The walk leaves Bhumdi hamlet and travels through dense rhododendron and pine forests until arriving at Panchase Bhanjyang. After some time, you arrive at Panchase hill, which provides breathtaking views of Nepal’s mountains. 28 kilometers separate from Panchase from Pokhara.

One of the tallest hills near Pokhara is Panchase. The pilgrims are also aware of its religious importance. Panchase, sometimes referred to as Pancha Dham, is constantly crowded with pilgrims. Many other rivers, including Seti, Rati, Andhi, and Jare, originate from the river that flows through Panchase. 

The subtropical climate is present as the trail winds through lush greenery. It is the perfect location for wildlife to live. If you’re lucky, you might even see some unusual creatures and birds. Magnolia and rhododendron welcome you and direct you in the direction of the towns as you travel. Therefore, it is one of the best Pokhara Attraction Tours in Nepal. The Magars, Chhetri, and Gurung ethnic groups are friendly and hospitable.

Sirubari Village Tour 

Sirubari Village tours, one of the best short treks from Pokhara, takes you to the picturesque and hospitable village of Sirubari in the western part of Nepal. Compared to the other treks mentioned, Sirubari village is a little further from Pokhara. 

From Pokhara, it is around 57 kilometers away. Although it is a long walk, it is not difficult. The excursion starts in Pokhara’s center and travels through beautiful countryside to Arjunchaupari. From Arjunchapuri in Pokhara, the hike goes to Sirubari.

Since there are Buddhist, Hindu, and Shaman religious groups in the village, each with its own culture and historical monuments, the Sirubari Village Tour is frequently thought of as a heritage tour. 

The homestays in Sirubari offer a hiking experience in rural Nepal in addition to the breathtaking Himalayan peaks. Consequently, you enjoy your time here to the most. Additionally, June offers clear views of the wildlife, plants, and mountain ranges.

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Sarangkot Trek

Sarangkot, a well-known hill close to Pokhara, is well-known for its spectacular views of the Annapurna range, its sunshine and sunsets, and mostly its paragliding opportunities. One of the best paragliding experiences in the world is at Sarangkot Hill, which is close to Pokhara. 

Sarangkot is renowned for its beautiful views over the Himalayan peaks in addition to paragliding. At 1600 meters above sea level, the wind is strong but not rough. Furthermore, the morning view is quite beautiful. Only 10 kilometers separate Sarangkot and Pokhara. 

Likewise, this is one of the ideal locations to visit and unwind after your exhausting Manaslu adventure or lengthy walk to Annapurna Base Camp. At best, it is a historical tour.

Near Pokhara, Sarangkot is a must-visit short hike. Sarangkot contains some regions that showcase Pokhara’s rustic aspect. The original huts that were there in the 1990s are still there. Sarangkot’s beauty is still as stunning as ever. The hill has also been preserved from a tourism standpoint.

Itinerary for the Trip

Day 01:Drive to Sarangkot Hill and trek to Naudada 4 hours

You are picked up from your hotel by a hired car and driven to Sarangkot Hill Station by a knowledgeable trekking guide. The Sarankot hill, where we witness a stunning dawn over the snow-capped mountain peaks that pour the rays upon Pokhara valley, is reached after a 30-minute drive from your location. From the Sarankot hill, the sunrise vista of Himalayan peaks like Annapurna, Fishtail, Dhaulagiri, and Himchuli is breathtaking. We eat breakfast while admiring a beautiful scene. Next, proceed to Sarangkot.

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Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek 

One of the well-known treks in the Annapurna region that leads to the settlements of Gurungs and Chhetris is the Ghorepani Poon Hill trek. For individuals looking to begin their trekking journeys and practice by exercising their legs, the Ghorepani and Poon Hill climbs are perfect. The tour encompasses the fundamentals of trekking in Nepal.

In Addition, it is among the simple treks close to Pokhara. For those who want unrestricted views of the Himalayan peaks in the Annapurna Region without the tiring and long trekking days, there is the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek. 

Stone steps are required to be navigated in some spots along the trail, which can be difficult at times. However, once you reach Poon Hill’s hilltop, the views are well worth the effort. Therefore, it is one of the best Pokhara Attraction Tours in Nepal. The highest point of the climb is 3,210 meters, therefore some inexperienced hikers may get altitude sickness. Snow falls in the area throughout the winter, but spring is the greatest time to visit.

Outline Itinerary for the trip

1:Arrive in Kathmandu
2: Kathmandu City Tour
3: Kathmandu – Pokhara
4 :Pokhara – Tikhedhunga (1491m.)
5 :Tikhedhunga – Ghorepani (2855m)
6:Ghorepani to Poon hill and trek to Tadapani
7:Tadapani Trek to Ghandhruk
8:Ghandhurk trek to Birethanti
9:Pokhara to Pokhara.
10:Final Departure

It is one of the Attraction Tours of Nepal.

Begnaskot Hiking

A quick hike around Pokhara on the northeastern rim is Begnaskot. The Begnas Lake is surrounded by lush hills. Views of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Machpuchre, and the Annapurna range are visible. About 15 kilometers separate it from Pokhara. You can travel across Beganas Lake in a boat in 30 minutes. The trailhead is Sundari Danda. In addition, there are no high climbs during the hike; instead, there are moderate ascents.

All ages of hikers can enjoy Begnaskot hiking. The pilgrims who travel to the Begnaskot Temple for religious reasons are also known for their love of hiking in Begnaskot.

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Lastly, there is a lot of attraction in Pokhara. Moreover, Pokhara is one of the best places to visit in Nepal. Having different beautiful places attracts many tourists. Also, Pokhara has a lot of trekking and hiking journeys which will add to your traveling experience in Nepal. 

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