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During the Rana regime in Nepal, Nagarkot was the major eastern entrance to Kathmandu valley. Also, this was a part of the trade route to Tibet. This is a historic fact about Nagarkot. Wait! There is one more thing: the name NAGARKOT. “Nagar” means the city and “Kot” means a fort. This is how Nagarkot satisfied its purpose back in the days of Ranas. You need to read all information about Places to Visit & Things to do in Nagarkot. that help you to explore more about Nagarkot.

Now, you might be wondering why is Nagarkot famous? Well, Nagarkot is famous for its amazing sunrise and sunset views, astonishing Himalayan views, and incredible panoramas of the ancient Bhaktapur city and the entire Kathmandu valley.

Nagarkot is also popular for its natural beauty, the verdant jungles, lush green hills, beautiful blacktopped roads, and clean and fresh air. Nagarkot is a famous destination that exhibits idyllic sceneries of the surroundings.

Because of these reasons, Nagarkot has been a wonderful tourist destination for many years. The place is not just popular among international tourists, but also among the internal ones. People in Kathmandu visit Nagarkot for recreation, parties, sightseeing, and overnights after hectic daily schedules.

Nagarkot is a soulful place. There are various places in Nagarkot that you can visit. And there are many things that you can do in Nagarkot. Here in this article, I’ve listed some places to visit | and things to do in Nagarkot. Have a look,

Top 10 Things to do in Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a wonderful destination that is popular amongst locals and international tourists. Nagarkot isn’t popular by itself. It is popular because you will hardly find a wonderful place like that where you can relax and enjoy peaceful nature.

Some of the things that you can do while you are visiting Nagarkot are as follows:

1. Nagarkot Sunrise View

Nagarkot sunrise view

Nothing can beat the enticing sunrise view viewed from Nagarkot. There is a view tower in Nagarkot that is highly popular for sunrise viewing. The tower is at a distance of nearly 30 minutes (for an average walker) from the areas with hotels.

Most of the tourists staying in Nagarkot hike to the view tower early in the morning. Walking in the chilly dark morning through a beautiful road is relishing. Smell the fresh air and hike up to the tower to see the golden ball coming out over the Himalayan range.

The sunrise view is something you will remember for a long time. Bring your cameras to click the sunrise and the mesmerizing Himalayas glowing with the touch of sun rays.

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2. Nagarkot Sunset View

Nagarkot isn’t only popular for the sunrise views, but also the sunset views. It is so satisfying to see the sun traversing over the valley and setting beyond the valley. You will see the valley sleeping as the sun goes down.

You can do a cultural sightseeing tour in Bhaktapur and then drive to Nagarkot overnight. By doing this, you can visit the amazing World Heritage sites in Bhaktapur and also see the sunset view from Nagarkot.

3. A day tour in Nagarkot

If you have a spare day in Kathmandu and you’ve already done the sightseeing tours inside the Kathmandu valley, what would you do? Well, if I was your place, I’d choose to do a day tour in Nagarkot.

Nagarkot is a must-visit place if you can manage your time while you are in Kathmandu. It is an easily accessible destination that is less than two hours drive from Kathmandu. You can get a local bus from Kathmandu to Nagarkot. Or you can book a taxi for NRP 1500 from Kathmandu to Nagarkot.

Touring Nagarkot, you will get to see the amazing panorama of Kathmandu valley and the giant mountains surrounding it from all the sides. If you have time, you should stop for a night in Kathmandu. The Kathmandu valley looks like a galaxy of twinkling stars.

4. Mountain Biking Bhaktapur to Nagarkot

If you are passionate about mountain biking, you should try mountain biking from Bhaktapur to Nagarkot. There are some shops near Taumadi-Bhaktapur where you can rent mountain bikes.

Rent the bikes for a day and go cycling to Nagarkot. This is fun. Cycling through the beautiful blacktopped roads and enjoying the amazing panoramas from almost everywhere is a blessing. Try this once. Trust me, you’ll thank me for pushing you once you do this.

5. Hiking: Nagarkot to Changunarayan

Nagarkot is a beautiful stop for hikes. Or you can begin hiking from here to some famous trails like Nagarkot-Changunarayan. The amazing Tamang villages in Nagarkot are popular hiking trails.

Hikers can enjoy the incredible sunrise or sunset views, amazing natural sceneries, and the amazing Tamang villages while hiking on the hiking trails of Nagarkot. These are the major reasons why the trekking trails are highly popular among the hikers.

6. Chisapani, Nagarkot to Dhulikhel trek

This is a popular short (2 days) trekking in the close vicinity of Kathmandu valley. This is an amazing trekking trail that takes the trekkers into the Shivapuri National Park, Chispaani, Nagarkot, and Dhulikhel. All three destinations are the amazing viewpoints that display amazing natural sceneries.

So, if you are looking to extend your Nagarkot tour, you can do the Chisapani Nagarkot hike, Nagarkot Dhulikhel hike, or combine all three. Enjoy the amazing trek with your friends, families, or loved ones.

7. Nagarkot Everest View

Did you know the fact that Everest is visible from Nagarkot? Well, even if you didn’t, now you know. A clear day with great visibility is when you can see Everest from Nagarkot. Mt. Everest appears along with some other beautiful Himalayas.

The fact that you can see Mt. Everest from Nagarkot makes Nagarkot more popular as a destination for Everest views. Also, many tours are regulated as Nagarkot Everest View tours.

8. Kite flying in Nagarkot

You might find this new, but yes, kite flying is a special and rare thing to do in Nagarkot. You cannot go and fly kite at any time of the year. Kite flying programs or competitions are done in Nagarkot during the Time of the Dashain festival in Nepal.

Dashain is an annual festival in Nepal. Celebrated by the majority (Hindus), this is a major festival in Nepal. This festival is popular for kite flying. So, during the festival time, there is a kite flying competition done in Nagarkot. You can take part in the competition and enjoy it.

9. Yoga and Pilates

Are you concerned about your physical strength, shape, a healthy body, and a healthy mindset? If yes, you must be into things like yoga and Pilates. Nagarkot is a beautiful and peaceful place. At Nagarkot, you can practice some revitalizing yoga sessions.

Doing Yoga in the lap of mother nature is a great feeling. Trust me, you will have an incredible feeling doing that. So, are you ready to experience the spiritual yoga session in the quiet and healing environments of Nagarkot? Give it a try, and you will want to do it again and again.

10. Homestays with local communities

There are some homestays in Nagarkot where you can stay and experience authentic lifestyles, traditions, and cultures. Staying in homestays is a unique and beautiful experience. Eating what they eat, hearing them talk in their languages, and experiencing what their day-to-day life is like is a great experiences.

Be a part of the local communities and learn how they earn their day-to-day life, and how they keep a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Places to Visit in Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a popular tourist destination near the Kathmandu valley. There are some amazing places that you can visit in Nagarkot. Let us discuss some,

Lookout Tower in Nagarkot

Look out tower in Nagarkot

The lookout tower in Nagarkot is the most popular thing about the place. The view tower is situated at an altitude of 2164 meters on a ridge top in between lush jungles. It is a small open space with a metal tower in the middle.

The Nagarkot is tower-like towards the south of the villages in Nagarkot. If you are staying in Nagarkot, you can hike early in the morning to the tower for amazing sunrise views. It will take you around half an hour to walk through the clean and peaceful road to the tower from the hotels.

The views from the lookout tower are wonderful. You will see the incredibly amazing Himalayan ranges on a clear day. If you are lucky, you’ll see some stunning views of the Langtang range, Ganesh Himal, Himchuli, Annapurna, and even Everest.

Buddha Peace Park, Mahamanjushree Nagarkot

The Buddha Peace Park in Nagarkot is newly constructed in Nagarkot. The park is famous for its amazing Buddha statue. Also, the place where the park is situated in a beautiful viewpoint. From the park, you can see some beautiful villages, lush hills, and terraced farmlands.

You can do a plantation in the Buddha Peace Park. They allow you to plant a sapling in the memory of someone who you love, during your birthdays, and on some other special days. To plant a tree, you have to pay NRS 350 per plant. The caretaker committee in the park takes care of the sapling that you planted. They will water it and help it grow.

There is a glowing statue of Lord Buddha amid a beautiful flower garden. From there, you will see green jungles and green hills. This site is worth a visit while you are visiting Nagarkot.

Bojini Dam

Bojini Dam; a popular dam today was nothing but a swamp a few years back. The locals collectively built the dam for irrigational purposes. The dam is a tranquil lake that lies in between amazing forests of pine.

There are beautiful meadows around the dam. The dam is a beautiful viewpoint. From there, you can see Bhaktapur, Banepa, Kathmandu valley, and the high hills in the backdrop. There is a resort near the Bojini dam. Many tourists want to stay there to enjoy a peaceful sunset view and the tranquil Bojini dam.

The dam is also popular among the local youths as a swimming pool. If you visit the dam on a hot summer day, you’ll find some guys diving into the water. This place is a wonderful place that you can visit on your way to Nagarkot or back.

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