Upper Dolpo Trek – 25 Days

Upper Dolpo Between giant Dhaulagiri Peak and Tibetan Plateau, on the lap of snow capped mountains there lies a culturally prosperous, naturally gifted, very peaceful, spiritual, and virgin land Dolpo region. Restricted for foreigner until 1989, Dolpo region has preserved the mysterious cultural practices and surreal natural beauties. This area is less beaten by tourist and stands as pure and rustic with the original culture, traditions, and the way of life. The far flung villages of mid-western Himalayan region where people still practice pre-Buddhist religion called Bon Po and virgin land to explore. Naturally rugged terrain with beautiful farming terraces await to welcome you and give lifetime experience of wonderland visit.

Apart from ancient old cultural and unspoiled life style, upper Dolpo has many more natural dreamlike vistas like lakes, rivers, waterfalls and snow capped mountains. Dolpo region got fame internationally via the books of great famous writers and anthropologists who had studied and research in Dolpo region. Some books include Peter Matthiessen’s “The Snow Leopard” and David Snell grove’s “Himalayan Pilgrimage” The greatest district of Nepal Dopla is deprived of modern development due to geographical constraints, but it is rich in preserving the culture, carrying over prehistoric rites and rituals and religious shrines.

Upper Dolpo trekking takes us to most exotic and tranquil places such as Shey  Gompa, Shey Phoksundo Lake, Ringmo Village, Shey Phosksundo National Park, and various settlements, Mani walls and Chortens. During trekking we will have adventurous moment while crossing rigid passes like Saladang La Pass(4,885m) and Jeng La Pass(4845). The glimpse of alpine animals like Blue Sheep, Snow Leopard, Mountain Goat, and Himalayan Langur also make your journey memorable. The bird available only in Neapa Babbler Bhykur is found here, alongside Golden Eagles and Lophophorus etc. Dolpo region is treasure house of valuable herbs like Arsha Gompa,Sea buckthorn and ohther medicinal herbs.

Real Adventure and Tour has designed various short and long trekking to Dolpo region. Some of these include Lower Dolpo Trekking, Inner Dolpo Trekking and Upper Dolpo Trekking. 25 days Upper Dolpo Trekking is most chosen ideal trekking to discover the every aspect of Dolpo region and to have an adventurous trekking experience. 25 days Upper Dolpo Trek Begins with sightseeing of UNESCO listed cultural heritages of Kathmandu valley and departs to Nepalgunj followed by short flight to Jhupal. After Jhupal we set our foot via hilly mountainous villages, wilderness, national park, lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

Have Wonder full Trek in Upper Dolpo Trek in Nepal

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Day 01: Kathmandu Arrival

With the aerial view of city of temples, historical city Kathmandu valley, you land at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). Upon arriving in TIA representative from Real Adventure and Tour welcomes you and transfer to the hotel in hearth of Kathmandu. After check in and freshen up, a profession tour and trekking guide visits you and briefs you about major highlights of tour and trekking and suggest necessary preparations. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 02: Full day Kathmandu Sightseeing.

When you are done with breakfast, tour guide from Real Adventure comes to your hotel with luxurious car and takes to you Historical Palace, Kathmandu Durbar Square. The complex of ancient royal palace portrays grandeur of ancient arts and architecture and craftsmanship of Newari people. Kumarighar ( the house of living goddesses Kumari),Kasthamandap Temple, Hanuman Dhoka and Kalb Bhairav Statue are major attractions of Kathmandu Durbar Square. Then we drive towards Swayambhunath Temple, situated at the top of hill, which provides aerial view of Kathmandu valley. Also known as the Monkey Temple, Swayambhunath is holy place for Buddhists and Hindu people. A dome style Stupa with large eyes of Gautam Buddha is surrounded by praying wheels and small temples. After Lunch we visit world famous Hindu temple, Pashupatinath where we observe the pagoda style pagoda temple with golden roof and other more than 100 temples and shrines. Non-Hindu are not allow to enter into main temple, but we can walk on the periphery of temple complex and cross Bagmati river , enjoy back view of Pashupatinath temple and various ceremonies taken place in the bank of holy Bagmati river. After visiting Pashupatinath we move to the largest Buddhist Stupa, Boudhhanath. Huge Dome style is one of the holy pilgrimage site of Buddhist. We enjoy tranquil environment and sound of mantras, chants and flapping of praying flags, large paring wheels and bell. We also get chance to explore Tibetan Buddhism being practiced there. After enjoyable full day Kathmandu tour we return to hotel and pack your backpack and get ready. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 03: Flight form Kathmandu to Nepalgunj ( 150m)

Today after breakfast we will take scenic one hour flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. After check in to hotel and having lunch we roam around Nepalgunj city and visit Bageshwori temple. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 04: Fly to Juphal (2,400m) and trek to Dunai (2,150m).

Today we leave Terai area and fly from 150m elevation to 2400 m from sea level. After breakfast we take a spectacular flight for 30 minutes to reach to Juphal airport of Dolpa district. Upon arriving Dunai airport we see different atmosphere with clear view of snowcapped peaks towards north. Leaving Juphal airport we start trekking with our trekking team via farming terraces alongside of Thuli Bheri River after three hours ascent and descent we finally reach to beautiful Dunai village for overnight stay. Upon arriving at administrative headquarter of Dolpa district we explore the village and apple orchards. Overnight in Dunai.

Day 05: Dunai to Ankhe (2,896m/9,499ft): 5-6 hours

After breakfast we leave Dunai Bazar and follow the trail towards Thulo Bheri River. Crossing the suspension bridge we meet the confluence of Thulo Bheri and Suli Ghad River. Then we walk alongside of Suli Gadh River uphill passing by beautiful terraces of vegetables, marijuana and walnuts until we reach to Pareela Gaun .After Pareela Gaun we follow the way inside dense forest for a while and enter into the small village called or overnight stay. Overnight in Ankhe.

Day 06: Trek to Renje (3,104m).

After breakfast we walk uphill to Chhepka village and follow the steep way in along with Suli Gadh River that flows inside the dense forest. We walk up and down for several times and cross various streams and water fall on the way. A after getting away from forest we again follow the rigid trail on slop just above the river. Crossing small stream trough wooden bride we follow downhill trail and again enter into lush forest of pine and juniper trees with twittering of birds. We walk over the boulders and stone staircase on the riverbank and move upward until we reach to Sulighat, a wide meadow land on the bank of Suli Ghad river. Few minute walking from Sulighat takes us to Renje. Overnight in Renje.

Day 07: Trek to Phoksundo Lake (3,600m)

Today we will hike about 500 m elevation and reach to beautiful Phoksundo Lake. After breakfast we will follow the route that goes toward westward from Renje. For a couple of hours we walk along side of river in an easier route until we reach to Sumduwa, a village besides confluence of rivers with farming terraces. After Sumduwa the trail is steep and stands in the slope of river inside jungle. After one hour uphill trek we again cross a suspension bridge and follow the route on other side of river in a barren land with some cedar trees, passing Tenzing Homestay until we reach to Palam Village. Then, we ascend via rocky trail, while blue color of Phoksundo Lake starts appearing from distance. The view of waterfalls gives you solace to your tiredness and we cannot stop waling when see She Phoksundo lake from the hilltop just above Ringmo village. Short descent takes us to Ringmo Village where we observe Chortens made by mud and wood and Mani walls. A short hike from Ringmo village takes us to one of the attraction of Upper Dolpo trek, Phoksundo Lake, where we set out tent for overnight stay. Overnight in Phoksundo Lake.

Day 08: Trek to Phoksundo Khola (3,507m).

Trek to Phoksundo Khola (3,507m). Today we have breakfast and walk around Se Phoksundo Lake and explore the beauty in peaceful environment. Now we start walking via west edge of Phoksundo Lake crossing the wooden bridges we follow the sandy trail passing several boulders, and we ascend cliff. Then we walk downhill to reach to Tarap Chu River. Leaving Tarap Chu River behind again we walk upward via rigid steep way to reach to Serakam. Now we will follow another up and down walking series until we reach to Sishul Khola. Again another hike via slop we reach to summit above valley beside Phoksundo Khola. From the summit we descend downhill and reach to Phoksundo Khola. Overnight in Phoksundo Khola.

Day 09: Trek to Phoksundo Bhanjyang (4,402m) - 7 hrs

Today we walk in completely different terrain which is consist of glacial debris, boulders and rocks .The route is literally rough and tough and we have to walk for longer hours. After breakfast we follow the smooth route for an hour via glacial valley. Then we reach to confluence of a small snow river and Phoksundo Khola, from where the trail curves north east and we pass grazing meadows spotted with sheep in a steep and slope gorge. Now the way becomes more tough and we need to step up via straight naked hill until we reach to Phoksundo Bhanjyang , from where we see Kang-La Pass. Upon arriving Phoksundo Bhanjyang we enjoy the close view of Chhamlang peak 6 (6739m) and peak 7 (6105m).Overnight in Phoksundo Bhanjyang.

Day 10: Cross the Kang La pass (5,151m) and trek to Shey Gompa (4,126m)

After 6 days of trekking today is adventurous journey as we pass Kang La Pass at the elevation of 5,151m , the highest point of Upper Dolpo Trekking. After breakfast we continuously walk via the trail paved with slate and slop stones for a three hours. Though the trail is tough, upon reaching at Kang La Pass we are blessed with enchanting view of Himalayas like hey Shikkar and Kang Chunne towards north and beautiful Tar valley and rivers to the south. After having short break in Kang La Pass, we descend down carefully as the trial is severely sloppy and winding for an hour. Then we catch the way towards a Tsakng ,where we see a Gompa of 800 years old which is dramatically build in the cliff, looks like as it is hanging in sky. We pass by bud caves and walk alongside of river, which we cross time and again. Now we walk in leveled trail passing meadows spotted with grazing yaks and sheep and finally reach to Shey Gompa for overnight stay. Overnight in Shey Gompa.

Day 11: Exploration day in Shey Gompa.

Today we will explore the sacred Shey Gompa also known as the Kailash of Dolpo. Shey Gompa is spiritual heart of Dolpo people. Situated at the bottom of Crystal Mountain, this magical place is worship during full moon period of July and August before every harvesting season. This Gompa is believed to be founded by a Tibetan Buddhist Lama who fought with Himalaya spirit in a snow lion. Acclimatization day in Shey Gompa is well spent rest day as we have got chance to explore the prehistoric social and cultural life even in 21st century. The cultural practices borrowed from Tibet are still purest and sacred in Shey Gompa, particularly pre-Buddhist, the Bon Po religion. Built in 1655 Shey Gompa houses huge statue of Shakyamuni Buddha made up of cooper with gilded gold,. Tibetan village is a huddled settlement with flat roof houses where people mostly wear religious dress. There is another Tsakang Gompa nearby Shey Gompa, where Lama of Shey resides. Gompa has beautifully painted walls and have statues of Guru Rinpoche, Shakyamuni and Milarepa. There is Tibeatn Manuscript, which depicts the myths of Crystal Mountain. Apart from Shey Gompa we will visit local people and their homes to observe the day to day life of mountain people and buy some light handicraft as souvenir. After a well-earned day we will have dinner and take a full rest in evening in our camp. Overnight in Shey Gompa.

Day 12: Cross the Saldang La pass (4,785m), and then trek to Namduna Gaon (4,400m).

After having a pleasant acclimatization day in Shey Gompa today we will trek to north east direction via Saldang La Pass. After breakfast we begin to walk in a leveled trail via forest of Juniper trees and the trails goes downhill for few minutes. Here we follow upward snaky path meandering with rocks and boulders. About 30 minute walk in sharp cliff, we finally reach to Saldang La Pass, from where we get clear sight of western part of Mustang district which looks like desert. After having short rest and picnic lunch, we descend towards Namduna Gaun in a windy and slope way, full of rubbles and sand. After 3 hour descent we come across the meadows spotted with yaks and sheep and the huts of herders. Passing via pasture land, we see small settlement of Namduna Gaun with a stone monastery in the background of village. Upon reaching Namduna Gaon, we can visit Namgun Monastry and agriculture farm with potato and buckwheat. Overnight in Namduna Gaun.

Day 13: Trek to Saldang (3,903m).

After having breakfast we walk above the village and hike via a steep and sandy trail. We walk mostly upward in a tough road until we reach to a summit for four hours. Upon arriving to the top, we see beautiful Saldang village with scatter settlement lying above the Nagma Khola. From the top we descend via meadows followed by picturesque agricultural terraces. Saldang is the largest village of Dolpo region stretching to Tibetan Plateau. This village is in trade way between Dolpa and Kato, a place at border of Nepal and Tibet. Overnight in Saldang.

Day 14: Trek to Sibu (3,942m)

Today we walk comparatively easier route and we follow the shortcut route to finish our trek in next 8 days. Instead of choosing the route via Yangze Gompa, we follow the short cut way to reach Sibu. After having breakfast, we descend to the riverside and follow the trail amid myriad farmlands that are spreading alongside of riverbank. As Saldang village is extended west to east to the larger territory we walk throughout the village passing by many Chortens, Mani walls and scattered settlement of Tibetan villages. On the way we visit Beautiful Chaiba Monastery in the east edge of Saldang .Now we follow the uphill trail in a rough terrain until we reach to top, from where, we can see Namdo Village. Few minutes decent takes us to Namdo village with huddled settlements. Upon reaching Namado village we visit Namado Monastery and walk around the village. We camp nearby Namdo village called Sibu. Overnight in Sibu.

Day 15: Trek to foot of Jeng La Pass (4,369m).

Leaving beautiful Namado village behind we take a downhill trail along side of Nam Khong Khola until we reach to Khoma Gaun. After Khoma Gaun, we follow the trail with caravan of Yaks which are going total Tibet for carrying goods to and fro. Leaving caravan trail we follow the eastern trail and come to the confluence two small streams. After crossing stream we ascend via steep road with debris and rocks for one hour and finally reach to a green meadow at the bottom of massive rugged mountain. The grassy land with rocks is spotted by grazing yaks and sheeps. In local language this place is called Jeng La Pass Phedi. We set our camp here for overnight stay.

Day 16: Cross the Jeng La pass (4,845m), trek to Tokyu Gaun (4,240m)

Leaving beautiful meadow stretching in vast area we follow the north edge of pasture land for an hour and follow the steep trail upward to reach Jeng La Pass. Upon reaching Jeng La Pass, we enjoy breathtaking view of giant Dhaulagiri peak and the mesmerizing valley to the south. After admiring spectacular view from the top, we descend down and enter into lush green valley Tarap. Tarap Valley is largest valley of Dolpo region extending twenty kilometer stretching with Tarap Chu River. Few hours walking via indefinite green meadows, we reach to Tokyu Gaun for overnight stay.Upon reaching we will meet Bon Po monastery and encounter with local Magar and Lama people. Overnight in Tokyu Gaun.

Day 17: Trek to Dho Tarap (4,090m) - 4.5 hrs

Today is easiest way we to walk on via farming terraces stretching between villages. The trail passes via plain land of Tarap valley. On the way we visit scattered settlements, farmers working in farms and the Chortens and Mani Walls. Contrary to the rugged parts, Tarap Valley is lush green situated on the both banks of river. We can also talk see marsh and wetlands on the way to Dho Tarap. After about 4 hours smooth walking we reach to Dho Tarap village situated the west edge of Tarap Valley. Upon reaching Dho Tarap we can see clustered settlement of Tibetan style populated my Magar and Tibetan people. We can visit Bon Po Monastery and small Chortens there. Overnight in Dho Tarap.

Day 18: Trek to Serkam (3,630m)

After breakfast we will follow the water way of Tarap River and descend down in sloppy trail via juniper forest. Through narrow gorge of Tarap River we trek downhill very carefully as trail is full of small stones and sand. In the afternoon we can flocks of blue sheep grazing on the cliffs. After about 4 hours zigzag descent we meet confluence of Tarak Khola and Lang Kola. Beside Confluence set our camp for overnight stay. Overnight in Serkam.

Day 19: Trek to Khani Gaun (2,250m).

Today our journey will be little adventurous and we will encounter with yak and sheep herders who are taking their cattle to season meadows of lower land. After breakfast, we walk down hill alongside of Tarap River and follow the steep road beside river. The trail is dangerous as it is enabled by wooden plank attached in rocks and boulders. We need to pay detail attention to the condition of road and make sure that we don't slip over the slopes. After 5 hours descent we reach to beautiful meadow with trees, nearby Khani Gaun. Overtnight in Khani Gaun.

Day 20: Trek to Tarakot (2,281m).

Today we walk for about 5 hours trek; we walk alongside of river course for an hour and climb up to the ridge between two rivers. We walk in lower altitude today and pass via agriculture terraces, monasteries, temples, and small villages. Leaving Khani Gaun Behind we follow the way just below the Choijung Palri Monastery and follow the trail just below the pine forest and rock cliff. Then we walk on snaky way via lush pine forest, just above the Kola Gaun until we reach to the police post near alongside of Bheri River. Overnight in Tarakot.

Day 21: Trek to Dunai (2052m)

After breakfast we follow the road that goes south to Takakot and descend down alongside of Thulo Bheri River and pass Tarabagar village on the way. After Tarabgar we cross suspension bridge and follow the trail alongside of rive on the other side of river. We walk via leveled trail for couple hour and meet confluence of Thulo Bheri and small stream. Now we pass via farming terraces and flat mud roof house, Dolpa Power House. Now we enter into village with thick settlements and green farming terraces. From the hilltop aboe Dunai bazaar we can enjoy the view of Dunai Bazar spotted with colorful tin roofed houses. A short descent takes us to Dunai Bazar where we can enjoy good taste of tea and coffee and visit Dunai Gompa. Overnight in Dunai.

Day 22: Trek to Juphal (2,402m)

After 18 days of trekking we finally complete the circuit of Dolpo region, and walk for last day today to reach to Juphal. After breakfast we walk uphill from Dunai for a while and follow the downhill road in motorable way until we reach to confluence of Rupagadh and Thulo Bheri River. Now we ascend up and hike to another side of hill from where we can see Juphal airport and Jhupal village. From the hilltop we descend down for an hour and finally concluded the trekking. Overnight in Jhupal.

Day 23: Fly to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj from Juphal.

We will board the two planes after 19 days excursion. We take first flight from Juphal to Nepalgunj and catch another flight for Kathmandu. After check in to Hotel you can have rest or go out to explore exciting Kathmandu valley. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 24: Leisure day in Kathamndu.

Today we can enjoy the day in your own way, or plan for half a day guided tour to two historical places Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Kathmandu Durbar Square. Apart from that enjoy souvenir shopping in tourist hub of Kathmandu, Thamel, where you can purchase Nepali Handicrafts and enjoy verities of foods. After well spent day in Kathmandu we pack your luggage and prepare for departure tomorrow.

Day 25: Departure

Today is last day of Nepal visit. According to your flight schedule, representative for Real Adventure will transfer you to TIA and bid farewell. With fresh memory of Upper Dolpo Trekking, have a safe flight to your destination, with scrolling the photos in your mobile.

Cost Includes

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  • Airport pickup and drop by private car.
  • Three night standard hotel on bed and breakfast (B/B) and two nights hotel At Nepalgunj.
  • Guided city tour as per above program with private vehicle and with tour guide.
  • Full board meal (veg. /non veg.) during camping, prepared by our expert cook with Tea & coffee.
  • Boiled and purify drinking water for the trek.
  • Twin sharing tented accommodation and other equipment during the camping trek. We will provide fully water proof two men tent, dining tent, kitchen tent, Table with chairs, kitchen utensils, toilet tents etc.
  • A government licensed English speaking Guide during the trek. A cook, Kitchen helper, required number of porters, their food, accommodation, salary, insurance, equipment and medicine.
  • Medical supplies (first aid kit will be available).
  • Arrangement of Emergency Helicopter service which will be paid by your Travel insurance company.
  • Down sleeping bag / Jackets, walking sticks, and other necessary equipments during the trek. (If you don`t have you own)
  • Special Trekking upper Dolpo permit and other required paper documents.
  • Flight fare from Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Juphal -Nepalgunj-Kathmandu including airport departure taxes.
  • All our government taxes tourist service charges. official expenses.
Cost Excludes

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  • Food while you are in Kathmandu Lunch and Dinner.
  • Nepal entry visa fees (you may easily issue the visa upon your arrival at International Airport – Kathmandu). You need 2 passport size photos and $40 dollar.
  • Your Travel insurance.
  • International airfare.
  • Your personal expenses.
  • All the alcoholic and non alcoholic hot and cold drinks.
  • Tips for trekking staff and driver (Tipping is expected).
  • All sightseeing tour entrance fee $50 USD per person.
  • Any other expenses which are in mentioned on include section.



Trip Facts

  • Duration:25 Days
  • Grade:Moderate
  • Rating:Good
  • Region:Upper Dolpo Trek
  • Trip:Remote Area Treks
  • Activity:Upper Dolpo Trek, Dolpo region trek, Upper Dolpo Trek Package
  • Max.Altitude:5151 M ft.

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