Nepal Tour in September

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September is the end of one season and the birth of a new one. It is the beautiful beginning of the most famous season for tourism. With the rain stopping and the flowers blooming and the trees changing colors, the photogenic views of the trails and the mountains are very beautiful and scenic. Nepal Tour in September is one of the best times for trekking.

With the ideal temperature and climate for almost every activity, the Nepal tour in September is the best option for everyone. The fresh greenery dewy with the monsoon rain and the clear skies provides you with the best views of every place you decide to go. Touring Nepal in September is bliss.

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Weather in Nepal during September

With the monsoon season just ending, the month of September experiences different types of weather.

Early September

The early September is mostly affected by the weather of August. The monsoon rain from August sometimes prolongs itself to early September as well. The days of early September may experience some unexpected weather changes. You may see some unexpected monsoon showers.

With unexpected showers around the afternoon or late nights, it is difficult to make any long-distance travels that require walking outside. However, this is the perfect time for cultural tours in Nepal. The Cultural Nepal tour in September is especially fun because of the weather and the temperature. The temperate climate along with the rain enhancing the beauty of these cultural sites is a sight to see.

Cultural tours in Nepal are popular during early September. Kathmandu valley is one of the most popular cultural tourist destinations in Nepal. You can also try other cultural tour destinations like a multinational tour of 14 days Nepal Tibet and Bhutan tour

Mid-September weather

Mid-September weather is mostly dry and free of the unexpected monsoon rains dropping by. This time is best for tours outdoors. The wildlife safari sounds like a fun tour during this time. The animals will be out in their natural habitat. The weather won’t provide you with surprise rain and the flora and fauna are changing colors and exotic ones are guiding your way.

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Why Tour Nepal in September?

The question may arise in your mind, why tour in September? There are various reasons behind September being the most favorable month for touring in Nepal. One of them being the start of the autumn season. Other reasons for choosing this month as the most favorable month are listed below.

Best Season

September is the month when the monsoon season ends and the autumn begins. With monsoon rain still drizzling the streets and the autumn leaves changing color, this is the best month for touring Nepal. Cultural tours during early September are the most favorable. Rafting, bungee jumping, and sunrise views are the best during mid-September when there is less to no chance of sudden rainfalls.

Favorable Climate and Temperature

Another reason for this month being the most favorable for touring in Nepal is the favorable climate and temperature it provides. The average temperature in Nepal during September is 22 degrees to 15 degrees. This provides you with a warm but not too dry hot kind of climate which is favorable for the tours and other activities like rafting and sightseeing.

Clear Skies

Other than the beautiful vibrant colored trees and the trails, the month of September also provides you with clear skies. After the monsoon rain has cleared the skies of the clouds, you can see the beautiful clear views of the valleys and the hills and mountains from the viewpoints of Nagarkot. The sunrise from the Sarangkot viewpoint is much clear and majestic in September.

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Popular Nepal Tours in September


14 Days Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan Tour

Three countries, each with their own culturally rich destinations, Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan are the best destinations for the early September tour in Nepal. The 14 days Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan Tour is a culturally diverse tour that is popular among many tourists for its diversity in natural beauty and culture. It is a famous destination for family tours and is suitable for people of different age groups.

These 14 days cultural tour provides you with exotic views of all three countries along with the cultural energy as well. With this tour, you get to experience the cultural places of Kathmandu Valley in-depth and visit the beautiful Nagarkot for an overnight stay.

With sightseeing in Lhasa, you get to see the Everest Base Camp on your way back to Kathmandu from Rongbuk Monastery in Tibet. The tour then takes you on a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Bhutan. The flight is a scenic and exciting one with beautiful views of both countries. Your 14 days tour finally ends in Kathmandu.

This tour is especially popular during September due to the favorable climate and temperature. You get to explore all these places without having to bundle up in thick clothes. You can walk around comfortably among the colorful vibrant paths enjoying the autumn breeze. The views from the flights are also very clear with the monsoon rain clearing up the sky for you.

This package will cost you around $4053 for 15 daysSee more

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Nepal

Nepal is famous for being a pilgrimage site for many religious people of different religions. Being known as the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam Buddha, it is popular as a Buddhist Pilgrim site. With many Buddhist temples and cultural sites in Nepal, many Buddhists come to Nepal for a pilgrimage tour.

The Buddhist Pilgrimage tour of Nepal in September is especially popular as the weather is clear. With clear skies, the pilgrims can visit the religious sites of Nepal like the birthplace of Buddha without any complications or difficulties.

This 9-day Buddhist Pilgrimage Nepal Tour in September provides you with diverse Buddhist pilgrimage sites like the Tibetans and Thailand Buddhist monks in Lumbini and the Newari Buddhist sites like Namobuddha and stupas in the Valley.

After starting your Buddhist pilgrim’s tour in Kathmandu, you will get to board a flight and get to Matrika Cave Halesi in the Khotan district. After getting your blessings, you will return to Kathmandu and go for the Bhaktapur tour and Namobuddha. From Namobuddha, you will visit Padmasambhava’s Asura Cave in Pharping and return to Kathmandu.

The total cost of the day Buddhist Pilgrimage Nepal tour in September will be $1050See more

14 Days Real Adventure Nepal Tour

The 14 days Real Adventure Nepal Tour is an all-rounder tour of all the activities you can enjoy in Nepal. This is one of the most popular tours in Nepal during September. This tour includes all the outdoor activities popular in Nepal like rafting, paragliding, and many more.

With the Real Adventure Nepal Tour, you get to sightsee around Kathmandu City for a day. The next day, you will get to experience the popular bungee jump in the Bhote Koshi River.

After the thrilling experience at the Bhote Koshi River, your next stop will be the Trishuli river. Rafting for about 4 hours, you will enjoy the night in the River Fun Beach Resort. This tour also allows you to enjoy the National Park Activities at Chitwan National Park. From there you will enjoy the sunrise view and paragliding in Pokhara. On this tour, you get to experience a little trek as well from Phedi to Ghandruk. You will then return to Pokhara and Kathmandu.

This 14 days tour is an all-in-one tour that comprises all the activities you can find in Nepal. It takes you from the cultural sites of Kathmandu to thrilling adventures of bungee jumping and rafting presenting you with beautiful views of the country.

This tour is especially fun during mid-September. With the weather being stable and with no fear of sudden rainfall, you can enjoy the tour to the fullest. So the 14 days Real Adventure Nepal Tour in September is the best deal for you at only $1650 for… See more

Hindu Pilgrimage Tour Nepal

Chandragiri hill trekking Nepal

Nepal is a famous site for pilgrims of various religions, especially Hindus. With the ancient history of Hindus in Nepal, Nepal has become a special site for Hindu pilgrims from around the world. The valley along with the country’s major cultural sites is a major attraction to Hindus around the world and has made Nepal a Hindu Pilgrimage site.

With famous temples like the Pashupatinath Temple, Muktinath, Gosainkunda, Changunarayan, etc., the tourists are interested in the site not only because of the rtheirgious belief but also to learn about the culture and the history of the pilgrimage sites.

This cultural tour takes you to the major Hindu pilgrimage sites within 7 days. Arriving in Kathmandu, you can explore the Hindu Pilgrimage sites within the valley like the Pashupatinath Temple, Krishna Mandir, and, other areas in the Valley.

After receiving blessings from the temples within the temple, you can travel to Pokhara and visit the Manakamana Temple. Many people visit the Manakamana Temple with the belief that their wishes will come true. In Pokhara, you can see many beautiful sceneries and worship the Tal Barahi temple.

From Pokhara, you will go to Muktinath. Flying through Jomsom, you will reach one of the most popular pilgrimage sites of all. The 108 holy sprouts will purify your soul. After the holy bath and purification in Muktinath, you will now go back to Kathmandu.

This cultural Hindu Pilgrimage Nepal tour in September is considered the best. This tour is especially good during September because you can see the clear views of the mountains and the valleys from Pokhara and Jomsom. The Muktinath temple in the winter gets cold and the holy sprouts are frozen So enjoy the Hindu Pilgrimage tour of Nepal in September at only the cost of $699 for… See more

Nepal City, Rafting & Wildlife Tour

Another Nepal tour you will love in September is the Nepal City, Rafting, and, Wildlife Tour. With this tour package, you get to enjoy 7 days of bliss.

Starting the tour by providing you with a full-day tour of the beautiful Kathmandu city, you will be able to enjoy the city of temples and the beauty of the cultural diversity, the scenes on the street, and the beautiful city lights as night falls.

Enjoying the Trishuli river rafting the next day, you will stay at the River Fun Beach Resort for the night. Here you can have a hot buffet lunch and campfire. You will then go to Chitwan National Park and spend the whole day there.

You can enjoy the jungle safari with sightings of the one-horned Rhinoceros, one of the endangered species of the world. Also, you can see many other animals in the jungle in their natural habitat.

With clear skies in September, you can see the animals outside and you can enjoy sunbathing with the animals. So, the Nepal tour in September, especially the wildlife safari is the best deal at $595 for… See more

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

The Kathmandu Pokhara Tour provides you with a combined tour of both Kathmandu and Pokhara. After touring Kathmandu’s major tourist attractions, you will leave for Nagarkot. The view from Nagarkot is especially beautiful during September.

With no rainfall and clear skies, the view from Nagarkot is very eye-pleasing. During the Pokhara tour, we will enjoy different activities like Fewa Lake boating, Seti Gorge, Devi’s fall (Waterfall), Mahendra Cave, Bindabasini Temple, the world peace pagoda, etc. Walking around the tourist place in Fewa lakeside is one of the most calming things to do in Pokhara. With the music playing in the cafes and acoustic live shows, you will be mesmerized and lost in the feeling.

See more

Nepal Golden Triangle Tour

If you are someone who wants to cover all grounds of tourism in Nepal, this is the one tour for you. With the Nepal Golden Triangle Tour, you can explore the cultural sites of the country, along with the exploration of the city’s landscape and the country’s exotic flora fauna, and wildlife.

Doing the Nepal Golden Triangle tour in September, you get clear skies and no weather interruptions for the activities like rafting and Sunrise View. With this tour package, you get to visit Kathmandu, Lumbini, Chitwan, and Pokhara. Costing around $999 for 10 days tour, this tour provides you with the most diverse tour experience of all time…See more

Nepal’s Most Popular Tour

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal

If you are new to Nepal and don’t know where to go or can’t decide on which activity to perform here, you have stumbled upon the right tour package. If you are overwhelmed with the options you have, you just got the best deal that includes all the best tours in Nepal.

With the Nepal Most Popular Tour, you get the most popular tourist activities like rafting, sightseeing, and many more. Starting the tour with sightseeing in Kathmandu, you try rafting in Trishuli and then go to Chitwan National Park.

Exploring the wildlife and the exotic flora and fauna of the Chitwan National Park, you will then go to Pokhara. There, you will enjoy the sightseeing and the major sights of tourism like the Phewa Taal, Taalbarahi, and many more. Ending the Pokhara tour with the sunrise view from Sarangkot Hill, you will return to Kathmandu. At the price of $899 for 11 days, you will have… See more

3 Days Nepal Tour

You can also get to visit the main attractions of Nepal in only 3 days. With the 3 days Nepal Tour, you can explore Kathmandu and its famous attractions in 3 days. This tour allows you to experience and learn about the culture, religion, and lifestyle of the people of Kathmandu. With only three days, you get to taste the unique Newari cuisine of the people of Kathmandu along with enjoying the unique architecture of the houses and the temples.

Major attractions of this tour are Durbar Squares, Swayambhunath, Kumari goddess, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, etc… See More

Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Another major attraction in Nepal during September is the Helicopter Tour. During September, you get to see the clear panoramic views of the mountains and the valleys from the helicopter tour. The helicopter tour allows you to visit remote places within a single day. A helicopter tour in Nepal in September is an excellent choice.

The weather and views will make your experience worthwhile. The helicopter tour provides you with a spectacular view of the mountains and the valleys. Some of the popular helicopter tours in Nepal are :

If you want to make the most beautiful month of the year the most memorable month of the year, feel free to contact us. We, at Real Adventure Nepal, will give our very best to make this month of vibrantly colored surroundings paint your memories with the colors of Nepal. So this September let us make your year memorable with the beauty and diversity of Nepal. Entrust us with bringing out the best of the month. Let’s make beautiful memories together.

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