Kathmandu, Pokhara Chitwan Tour: More than just a tour

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Traveling to Nepal is a dream for every passionate traveler. People love to visit Nepal due to its unique diversity, geography, and culture. So for that to happen meaning to experience and understand Nepal and travel in Nepal we provide you with one of the most anticipated tour packages in Nepal. The Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan Tour.

The Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan Tour. During this tour to Nepal, one can experience different cultures and traditions during their visit to Kathmandu. Similarly, they can also explore different ancient and beautiful temples.

Likewise, during your visit to Pokhara, one can enjoy and observe and enjoy the beautiful nature and beautiful views of mountains in the Annapurna Range. Similarly, Pokhara itself is a very beautiful place. One can do several adventure activities in the Pokhara.

During this visit, one will also visit another exciting destination in the country. “Chitwan” this wonderful district lies in the terai reason of Nepal. There are a lot of things that you can explore when you visit there. However, the main attraction of the place is “Chitwan National park”. There you will get to see different plants and animals which are under the protection of the Nepal Government.


Although Kathmandu is a small city, it is a singular natural, cultural, religious, and architectural valley. The city has a lot to offer, whether you are a team player or a traveler. Here are some things you should do while visiting Kathmandu, rather than guiding you to a specific location. If you’re here to learn and have fun, then these things will undoubtedly belong on the checklist.

Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu


Rental bicycles and cycling equipment are offered at tourist destinations like Thamel and Newroad. The Kathmandu Valley is a relaxing place to bike because the city provides you with convenient road access to all of its neighboring businesses. The city has since added a dedicated bicycle lane. Therefore, one of the most enjoyable and exciting things to do in Kathmandu today is riding. The city can direct you to some of the well-known cycling routes over winding roads with four lanes or tight turns. The city’s abundance of temples makes riding through its streets and alleys more enjoyable. This you can do during the Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan Tour

Kathmandu is located in a valley and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. After finishing your cycling in the city, you may race with the sun as it sets on several stunning cycle trails, like Champadevi-Chandragiri, Nagarkot-Changunarayan, Sundarijal-Shivapuri, Godawari-Phulchowki, and many others. While traveling back, you may observe Kathmandu’s landscape from above. Additionally, there are several locations for a quick road trip from Kathmandu if you enjoy riding or driving.

Learn the culture and history of Kathmandu

If participating in group activities isn’t your thing, you can visit all three palaces in the Kathmandu Valley on your own. Three significant cities make up the Kathmandu Valley: Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Kathmandu. Before the unification of Nepal, all three cities had royal palaces and were independent states. These three royal residences are hence comparable culturally but also distinctively different. This you can do during the Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan Tour

Visit locations like Basantapur Palace, Patan Palace Museum, and Bhaktapur Durbar Museum to experience Nepalese culture firsthand. Learn about the traditional Nepali way of life, architecture, and grandeur. Many ancient buildings, human figure relief art, inscriptions, tantra, and stories about particular gods are all found in the walls of Nepalese palaces. Additionally, each castle has carved doorways, peacock windows, and Tiki-Jhyals (four-division square windows). These are unique and cannot be found anywhere else.

You may take advantage of Kathmandu’s nightlife after learning about the culture and history of the city all day.

Taste different foods in the valley

Kathmandu is a beautiful place with different things to do and explore. Since it occasionally seems influenced by Indian and Chinese cuisine, Nepalese cuisine actually seems to be overlooked. However, you should be aware that Nepalese cuisine isn’t strictly Indian or Chinese; rather, it’s a hybrid of the two. Nepalese cuisine has changed over time to become somewhat distinct from those of its neighbors. €This you can do during the Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan Tour

There are four different kinds of restaurants in Nepal: Thakali, Newari, Tibetan, and Fast Food. Therefore, one of the main activities to engage in to try new dishes in Kathmandu is food hunting. In essence, it describes the distinctiveness of each community and illustrates the culinary traditions of various regions of Nepal.

First of all, the Newari community’s cuisine is ethnic in nature. You can eat fried fish, pork, Sel Roti, Yomari (sweet dumplings), Chatamari & Bara (Nepalese pizza), and Yomari. The result of this combination is called Newari Khaja Set. Additionally, the city offers some of the best Tibetan cuisines. Tsampa Tea, Laphing, Thuppa, Sa-Phale (Deep Fried Dumplings), Shyapta (Tibetan Cookies), Momo, Tibetan Bread, Laphing, Thuppa, and Chyang (Nepalese Beer). You can also try Thakali cuisine, which is typically served as Dal-Bhat (rice and cereal) with meat and vegetables, as well as Gundruk pickle (a native condiment made from dried leafy vegetables), ghee, and hot chilies.

Get in touch with nature and relax

Not everyone travels far from home in quest of excitement. Some people go to enjoy some stress-free time. Therefore, you must leave the city if you don’t want to go cycling, jump off a cliff while holding a rope around your legs, or engage in any other dangerous hobbies. In the Kathmandu valley, locations like Nagarkot and Bhatti-Dada Dhulikhel are perfect for you to unwind. This you can do during the Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan Tour

View the mountains, observe the dawn and sunset, and take in Kathmandu’s stunning urban landscape. Additionally, you can eat Nepalese food there. After you return from your trek in Nepal, the first thing you should do in Kathmandu is unwind.

These activities are more interesting to do than to read right now. These are experiences that you can only have here in Kathmandu. Once you have completed all the tasks on your checklist, you can go to various Nepalese locations outside of Kathmandu. You can visit those locations to take pleasure in your vacation and learn more about Nepal.


Pokhara is well-known among people of all ages and has long been considered a backpacker’s paradise. There are many adventure sports available in the area, which is known as the entrance to the Annapurna circuit. Additionally, Pokhara, a stunning valley in Western Nepal, is well-known for honeymooners and its nightlife.

Pokhara is a great destination for families with children as well. There are several kid-friendly activities that even adults can enjoy. In addition to visiting museums, boating, fishing, and watching paragliding from Sarangkot are a few lovely things you may do in Pokhara with your children.

Stupa in Pokhara

Boating in Lakes

Pokhara is known as the “city of ten lakes” since it contains 10 total lakes. Three of the ten freshwater lakes are well known for boating. There, you may also take in the sunsets, the birds, and some fishing. €This you can do during the Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan Tour

The first thing you can do in Pokhara if you’re going there is go boating. You will love boating because most youngsters love the water. Apply all necessary safety measures if you are near or in Pokhara’s lakes.

Fishing in Phewa lake

The lovely Phewa lake has a surface area of 4.4 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 19 meters. 22 natural fish species can be found in the lake. On the top of the hill on its southern coast, you could see the lovely pagoda for world peace. The Barahi Temple, a stunning island temple, is located in the middle of it. A serene and wonderful atmosphere is produced by the beauty of Fishtail Summit and Phewa Lake.

One of Pokhara’s most popular lakes is Phewa Lake. Fish are raised in cages by many farmers. There are locations where visitors can go fishing. Therefore, Phewa is the best location if you’re trying to teach your kids how to fish.

Visit caves

The bats gave me the impression that I was inside Bruce Waine’s cave when I first went to the bat cave as a child. One of the three caves in Pokhara was that one. Yes! Three naturally formed caves can be found in Pokhara.

The first cave, Gupteshwor Cave, is the most well-known since it has a Lord Shiva temple and limestone figurines. This cave is about 2.3 kilometers from Lakeside and a minute’s walk from Davis Fall. This cave is also well known for its unusual naturally occurring stone formations. In the center of the Cave, there is a pilgrim with a Shiva Linga as well. This you can do during the Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan Tour

Another stunning limestone cave, Mahendra Cave, can be found near Bailey Chaur Pokhara, which is 30 minutes drive from Lakeside Pokhara. In the middle of the cave, there is a little Shiva statue in addition to stalagmites and stalactites. Kids will therefore like these peculiar limestone figurines that are ideally positioned from above and below the earth.

The Chamero Gufa sometimes referred to as “The Bat Cave,” is the third and last cave in Pokhara. This cave in Pokhara is a solutional cave, as opposed to the other two. Numerous Horseshoe bats live inside the bat cave on the walls and ceiling. The limestone that makes up the cave’s structure. This cave is around 25 minutes (9.5 km) through Jaimure Gufa Road from Lakeside.

Enjoy watching George and the waterfalls

Pokhara is located in a lovely valley encircled by numerous hills and mountains. The city serves as a water catchment area and the source of several rivers. Everyone is amazed by Pokhara’s distinctive landscape. Therefore, Davis fall is only a minute’s walk from Gupteshwor cave if you want to bring your kids to witness an underground cascade. The waterfall descends 150 meters below earth before entering the Gupteshwor cave. This you can do during the Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan Tour

Similar to how the white-water river in Pokhara, about 16 minutes drive from the lakeside, makes a steep valley. Your kids will have a fantastic time exploring the Seti River Gorge. Although they rarely see the real river, they may hear the hissing Seti from above the gorge bridge. Your kids will have a surreal experience at that time.

Hikes around Pokhara for Sunset and Sunrise

Without a doubt, Pokhara’s lakes sparkle during the golden hour, but the city’s skies are just as beautiful at this time of day. There are places, like the lovely World Peace Pagoda built after WWII, from which you may see Machhapuchhre mirrored in Phewa Lake. choose to travel via Gupteshwor Cave on the powerhouse road. You cross the Raniban suspension bridge to get to the peace pagoda.

Similarly, Kande Road leads to an Australian camp at 2,400 meters above sea level. The stunning Annapurna, Machhapuchchhre (Mt. Fishtail), Hiuchuli, and Lamjung Himal can all be seen from here. The Australian camp looks stunning in the morning. The first sunbeam that touches the mountains might have a similar overwhelming effect.

These locations are uncommon, so if you don’t want to miss them, consider spending the night at one of these trekking spots above the city lights so you can watch the sunrise and sunset from these hiking spots near Pokhara.

Watch Cultural Dance

Pokhara is renowned for its many cultural dance performances. In these performances, attractive Nepalese dancers display their native dance. Visit these cultural dance restaurants on your night out if dance, culture, and the Nepalese way of life interest you.

Numerous reputable eateries, including Boomerang Restaurant, German Bakery, and Lake View Resort, frequently present cultural dance performances. These programs begin later in the evening and run till nine o’clock. After the artists and the visitors eat dinner, the performance ends formally. This you can do during the Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan Tour

You can observe Nepalese ethnic music, attire, fashion sense, and the characteristics of folk songs during these events. Therefore, everyone who is interested in Asian culture should undoubtedly visit these locations.

Thakali Food Hunting and Consumption

The ideal time to experience Pokhara’s cuisine is at night. Pokhara’s nightlife also exhibits a very rural aspect of its culinary tradition. Gurung people congregate at several well-known Thakali eateries to eat.

The “Thakali Khana Set” in Pokhara is unquestionably something that every Nepalese person appreciates eating, even though rice and lentils are consumed everywhere. Therefore, while visiting Pokhara, regardless of your country, you must try the Thakali cuisine.

The Thakali Rice package, which includes rice, ghee, vegetables, special gundruk (dried saag leaves), mohi (curd), daal, saag (green leafy vegetables), and achar (pickled pepper), begs for your approval. Why go to Pokhara if you’re just going to eat the regulars?

Although the hotels where you stay also serve Thakali meals, we advise you to leave the hotel at dinnertime and eat at some nearby establishments. You will have to eat with the natives while sitting on a “Gundri” made of woven hay and straw. You won’t regret it, though, because the flavors these little restaurants serve are genuine.


The Chitwan National Park, which is located along the banks of the Rapti and Narayani River flood plains, is a stunning tourist destination in south-central Nepal. This particular nature reserve is well-known for its ecosystem, diverse biodiversity, and unusual creatures that may be found roaming freely in their natural habitat. The entire national park has the atmosphere of a recreation area. This is the reason why visitors come to the park from all over the world.

As well as seeing our feathery friends like enormous hornbills in the park, you may also observe one-horned rhinos, big Bengal tigers, numerous antelope, wild buffalo, and bulls. Moreover, a crocodile refuge can be found on the northern Rapti River. There are numerous activities available in Chitwan overall.

Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park

Here is a list of things to do in Chitwan during your visit.

1) Jeep Safari in Chitwan National Park

On a jeep safari to the heart of the deep jungle, explore Chitwan’s impenetrable forest. The history, inhabitants, flora, and animals of Chitwan National Park will all be discussed by the naturalists driving the Jeep. Spotted deer, wild hogs, barking deer, and sambar birds are frequently seen, but because safari Jeeps are fairly noisy, the likelihood of seeing a variety of unusual creatures decreases when you go on a Jeep safari. This you can do during the Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan Tour However, with a little luck, you might be able to get photos of the leopard or perhaps a Bengal tiger.

2) Elephant safari

Taking advantage of the elephant rides offered at Chitwan National Park is one of the top things to do there. The most popular activity that Chitwan National Park has to offer its guests is an elephant safari. Additionally, it is the most well-known and thrilling way to see any wild animal in the wild. A unique one-horned rhino, secretive Royal Bengal Tigers, hundreds of different bird species, and a wide range of reptiles are all featured prominently in the activity.

To see as many creatures as you can up close and safely, the knowledgeable Mahouts appointed by the park will lead you far into the forests.

While visiting Chitwan, you can add an elephant breeding center and an elephant bathing visit to your list of things to do in addition to an elephant safari.

3) Jungle Walk and Bird Watching

The gorgeous “Twenty Thousand Lake” is another draw to Chitwan National Park, where you may go bird watching while strolling through the forest. Chitwan is home to 540 different bird species.

You can also view a variety of exotic animals up close on this walk. The view towers you come across while exploring the pathways will also let you climb up and get a bird’s-eye view of the jungle. Still, walking is the most secure approach to watching birds. If you have the chance to watch Himalayan migratory birds wintering in Chitwan, the experience is made considerably more rewarding.

4) See the Sunrise from Chiraichalai Hill

Those who have enough time to roam around Chitwan can also enjoy the breathtaking dawn from the 946-meter-high Chiraichalai hill. One of the most well-known sights to see when in Chitwan is Chiraichalai Hill.

Take a private or public vehicle toward the Prithivi Highway towards the Hattiban or Shaktikhor highways to reach the area. It is necessary to stay the night at Hattiban before viewing the dawn. There is a well-known viewpoint point with views of a gorgeous, unfolding mountain range approximately an hour’s walk from the sunrise spot. This you can do during the Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan Tour

5) Cultural Programs

A cultural performance by the Tharus will be another exciting event in the vibrant city of Sauraha. Native Nepalese Tharus, dressed in vibrant traditional garb, perform a variety of dances and demonstrate abilities they have honed over the years while surviving in the forest. This you can do during the Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan Tour

6) A stroll through the village

More than only beauty, birds, and other wildlife can be found in the Chitwan National Park rainforest. The indigenous people, the Tharus, are likewise very fascinating. Take a tour to the nearby villages to learn more about Tharu culture and to stroll through the settlers who live close to the national park.

The rainforest of Chitwan National Park is home to a variety of birds and other animals in addition to its natural beauty. The native Tharus people are also incredibly fascinating. To understand more about Tharu culture and to take a stroll through settlers who live close to the national park, take a journey to the nearby communities.


One of the best adventures you can do in on-seasons is the 8-day Kathmandu, Chitwan Wildlife, and Pokhara Tour. The tour begins with a full-day excursion through the ethereal Kathmandu Valley. You may discover the town’s cultural richness while strolling through its historic streets and temples.

Then, we’ll embark on a breathtaking rafting adventure on the Trishuli river. After that, we unwind at the River Fun Beach Resort while enjoying a hot buffet lunch next to a campfire. The next day, we’ll embark on an amazing safari excursion in Chitwan National Park. We can see unique, endangered animals thanks to the jungle safari adventure. The one-horned rhinoceros, the royal Bengal tiger, and others are among them.

In addition, the stunning National park is home to a variety of other unique plants and animals in their native environment. In peak seasons, wildlife activity is at its peak. Consequently, a tour of Pokhara, Chitwan Wildlife, and Kathmandu in peak seasons is a fantastic adventure. This breathtaking adventure costs just $595 from us.

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