Everest Base Camp Cho La Pass Gokyo Trek

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Incredible mountains, Ancient culture, Cold weather, and Unlimited adventure are some of a few highlights of the Everest Base Camp trek. The EBC Chola pass Gokyo trek spans over 15 days and covers around 120 Km. This trek will take you to one of the highest altitudes one can be without any mountaineering gear.

To see the mighty Everest with your own eyes is a rare opportunity. The EBC Chola pass Gokyo trek offers you a panoramic view of Everest and Amadablam mountains. You will be exploring the traditional villages and streets. Get ready to get cold and not have a proper shower for about 10 days.

Every risk involved in this journey is worth taking, and you will not regret a single moment of this astounding tour.

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Everest Base Camp Trek

EBC Cho La Pass Gokyo Trek

Day 1: Fly Kathmandu To Lukla(2860m) And Trek To Monjo

Trek duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Most flights to Lukla leave in the morning. Lukla holds one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Upon reaching Lukla, roam around this small town and start hiking towards Phakding. The path descends into the valley beand gins your journey. You will be able to view some lovely landscapes on your way.

After crossing a few suspension bridges and walking along the river, you will reach Phakding after 3 hours. It will take you another 2 hours to reach Monjo when the trail starts uphill.

Here you will spend your first night.

Day 2: Hike From Monjo To Namche Bajar (3440m)

Trek duration: 3 to 4 hours

Difficulty: A smooth start with some uphill after

Namche Bajar is near to Monjo. It is a smooth hike for about 1.5 hours. After you see the double suspension bridge, the path starts to climb. You will cross another suspension bridge on your way and hike all up till you reach the Namche Bajar. After climbing for about 2 hours, you will reach a checkpoint which tends to get very crowded during the afternoons. Get yourself registered and enter the beautiful Namche Bajar.

Namche Bajar can be crowded during the trek seasons. Namche Bajar is the last place for you to get cash and other stuff for your journey.

Day 3: Namche Bajar Acclimatization (More or less)

Trek duration: Around 6 hours or more

Difficulty: Easy

A rest day in Namche is very important. You need to get Get used to the altitude. Proper acclimatization will reduce the risk of getting altitude sickness. Explore the ancient villages around Namche. The streets of Namche Bajar are interesting as well. For a proper acclimatization day, you need to get up early in the morning and get some altitude. After having some breakfast, you should hike towards the North. You might experience the soothing Buddhist chanting at a local monastery in Khunde. Khunde is a small but ancient Sherpa village. The valley seems beautiful from Khunde.
You will reach the infamous Khumjung village after a 10-minute walk from Khunde. You will get the very first sighting of Ama Dablam mountain from Khumjung village. Everest View Hotel lies south of this village. I recommend visiting this hotel for a beautiful view of Mount Everest.
The evenings at Namche are soothing. You can have some tea and save your energy for tomorrow. I recommend you get a hot shower in Namche, as you are unlikely to have a shower further ahead.

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Day 4: Hike from Namche Bajar To Tengboche(3860m)

Trek duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: easy

You don’t need to worry much if you did not get to see Mount Everest that day. You will see it today. The path has lots of ups and downs between here and Tengboche. You will walk along a mountainside. You will have a panoramic view of Mount Everest, Ama Dablam, and the valley. For about an hour will be walking along the mountainside with incredible views. You will reach Sanasa.

Keep hiking for about an hour more, and you will reach Phunki Thanga. Here you can have lunch and rest. Leaving Phunki Thanga and climbing 2.5 hours straight through a dense pine forest will take you to Tengboche. Explore the ancient monastery where Tenzing Norgay (one of the two people to reach the summit of Mount Everest) used to be a monk.

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Day 5: Hike from Tengboche To Dingboche(4410m)

Trek duration: 4 hours

Difficulty: Easy

This hike is the most comfortable one throughout your EBC Chola Pass Gokyo Trek. Start early, and you will reach Dingboche before noon. You will have the rest of the day to yourself, so feel free to explore the village or hike up to stupas.

Day 6: Acclimatization at Dingboche

Trek duration: Depends on what you do

Difficulty: Depends on what you do

Dingboche is almost 4400 m above sea level, and you need to get friendly with the altitude. You can either hike to some neighboring village or sit back and relax.

At this altitude, in a clear night sky, you can see the milky way. So make sure to have a look at the sky at night.

Day 7: Hike From Dingboche To Lobuche(4940m)

Trek duration: 4 hours

Difficulty: Above average

Your journey for today is going to be slightly harder than the past few days. You need to climb for about 2 hours and you reach Dukla. The trail starts straight uphill from here on. After climbing for some time you will arrive at a place that will get you emotionally. The shrines of Scott Fischer and Rob Hall lie here. Their story and struggle are covered in a book called “Into thin air”.

You will reach a junction in about 45 minutes from there. You will be following the eastern path, as the west trail heads towards Dzongla. You will reach Lobuche after about 30 minutes of hiking from the junction.

Day 8: Lobuche to Everest Base Camp(5380m)

Trek duration: Around 6 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Get excited, as today you will reach the Everest Base Camp. your journey for today starts with a smooth walk. The path begins uphill after that. You will arrive at Gorakshep after you hike for about 2 hours. The path from Gorakshep to the base camp is not smooth. There are lots of ups and downs. The trail includes a rough gravel track.

However, all your hard work will pay. You will get awed by the view from up there. You will get a 360-degree view of the mountains. Besides Mount Everest, the snow-capped terrains look gorgeous and one cannot take their eyes off of them.

After some magical moments on the lap of Mount Everest, you need to head back towards Gorakshep. Rest at Gorekshep for the night.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Day 9: Gorakshep to Kala Patthar(5643m) and Dzongla(4830m)

Trek duration: 7 to 8 hours

Difficulty: Hard

You would want to reach Kala Patthar before sunrise. The sunrise from Kala Patthar is one of a kind. This place is the highest point in all of this trek. Experts believe that this is just about the altitude one can be without any mountaineering gears.

The hike is difficult, but it is a worthy walk. The path consists of rocky tracks with huge boulders. Some give up on this trail and return. Let me tell you, the aftermath of this tight hike is fascinating. You will reach the summit of Kala Patthar in about 2 hours of a tough climb. You will get one of the most astounding views of Mount Everest from up there. Some believe that Everest is more clear from the summit of Kala Patthar than from the base camp itself.

This is an extraordinary place, but your trip does not end here. After a pleasant stay at the summit, you need to get back to Gorak Shep. You will be back at Gorakshep in 45 minutes or so. Get your bags and head to Lobuche. You will head towards Dzongla after having lunch at Lobuche.

After you reach the junction from day 7, instead of going towards Dingboche, take a right and get across the other side of the valley.

Follow the west path with the mountains to your right, and you will be rewarded with the most spectacular view. You can see the mountains, the valley, the desert-like terrains, and the river. You will be arriving at Dzongla after about 2 hours of a pleasant hike from Lobuche. Take a good rest at Dzongla, as tomorrow you will be hiking through the most challenging parts of this trek.

Day 10: Hike To Gokyo (4800m) Through Cho La Pass (5420m)

Trek duration: 8 hours

Difficulty: Extreme (you need to walk on a Glacier) and exciting

Everest Base Camp Trek

This is going to be your longest hike and the most challenging one as well. After getting up early in the morning, head off at 5 AM (early if you can). You are to cross the Cho La Pass today and to do that; you will have to walk on a Glacier. Yes, you heard it right, a Glacier. This is why starting your journey early in the morning is so important, as the ice starts melting as the sun rises. It will be even more difficult to walk after that.

Your journey from Dzongla starts easily along rivers and flat plains. Then it starts climbing upwards. You will be hiking on some of the toughest tracks, with huge boulders and rocky terrains in the way. You will get tired soon as you walk beside a mountain. You will soon hit a plateau; then the glacier will arrive. Avoid the glacier as much as you can. After you hit the glacier, be very careful and organized while crossing. Avoid the plain ice steps and go slow. It will take you around 30 minutes of slow walking to cross the glacier. Also, you have to climb up here.

Once you are across, make sure to look back at what you have just conquered. You will be amazed. After you cross the Cho La Pass, climb down for about 1.5 hours to arrive at the Dragnag village. Have lunch over that village and continue with your journey.

You are more likely to reach another glacier. But, this one is easy to cross. Walk for about 1.5 hours until you reach a plateau. Walk for a few more minutes until you see a small village and a blue lake. This, my friend, is the astounding Gokyo(goosebumps).

Day 11: Hike To Gokyo Ri (5357m)

Trek duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: Hard climb

The heavenly beauty of Gokyo lake is best achieved from Gokyo Ri. The climb up to Gokyo Ri is similar to the climb you made to the top of Kala Patthar. The harsh uphill climb on the rocky mountain is tough. But the reward you will get upon reaching the top is hard to explain.

You can see the Gokyo Lake, and the Everest. You can also see the glacier you walked on yesterday. Spend as much time as you want at Gokyo Ri, as the rest of the day is all rest after climbing down to Gokyo.

Everest Gokyo Lake trek

Day 12: Hike From Gokyo Lake To Dole(4038m)

Trek duration: 4 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Today you will climb down towards Dole. Say goodbye to the beautiful Gokyo Lake, and start a smooth downhill hike. You will reach Dole in about 4 hours of downhill hike. Explore this small village and have a cup of local hot tea with the Mountains standing at a distance.

Day 13: Hike From Dole To Namche Bajar

Trek duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

A smooth downhill hike will take you to Phortse Tenga, located at the bottom of a mountain. Then you need to climb straight up for about 2 hours to reach Mong village. The difficult climbs have ended for you. From Mong village, it is a smooth downhill hike till you reach Sanasa. Have some rest there and continue walking until you reach Namche Bajar.

You are back to civilization. Sit back and relax while you are in Namche. Also, you can get a shower here.

Day 14: Hike To Lukla

Trek duration: 6 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Namche Bajar to Lukla is the last day of trekking in the Everest region. You will face many ups and downs during this hike. Relax at your hotel and get some rest. I would write a journal at this point and relieve my journey.

You will catch a morning flight to Kathmandu early tomorrow morning.

Day 15: Fly Back To Kathmandu

Get up early, and head towards the airport. The take-off from this airport was just as exciting as the landing was. After 30 minutes of flight, you will arrive in Kathmandu.

After these two weeks of the remote expedition, you are finally back to luxury. Tonight is the night of celebration.

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