Chitwan jungle safari 1 night 2 days

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Nepal is not just about the mountains. The tiny nation is quite diverse, and the flat green landscape of Nepal is a crown jewel of the country. Declared a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979, Chitwan National Park is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway. The Chitwan jungle safari 1 night 2 days is a special package to experience the best of the place in a short period.

The Jungle safari package is also customizable along with treks like the Annapurna base camp trek in Nepal. You can cover various jungle activities like the Elephant Safari, birdwatching, Tharu local dance, Tharu Village walk, sunset view, and others.

Chitwan national park covers 932 with forests on the banks of the serene Narayani and Rapti rivers. Kasara, the national park headquarters, is 21 km away from Bharatpur. Bharatpur is just 20 minutes flight away or a 146 km drive from Kathmandu. Chitwan national park boasts of a vibrant ecosystem that includes hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles, birds, and other animals.

Expert naturalists will accompany you all along with the safari, and we advise you to follow their instructions and be cautious about your safety at all times. Furthermore, you can explore the Tharu community and their culture and traditions. The local Tharu community also provides us with delicious food for taste and their ethnic, cultural dance.

Chitwan jungle safari 1 night 2 days

Read below for all the necessary information regarding this short trip and book your tickets now!

Highlights of the Chitwan jungle safari 1 night 2 days

  • Spotting the rare and endangered wildlife in an Elephant safari
  • Up close view of the one-horned rhinoceros and Royal Bengal tigers
  • Exploring the unique culture and tradition of the Tharu people
  • Birdwatching from the vast green lands of Chitwan with a naturalist
  • Breathtaking view of the sunset from the riverbanks
  • Tharu village tour with a local guide and their warm hospitality
  • Experiencing the delicious Tharu cuisine and Tharu stick dance


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Detailed Itinerary of the Chitwan jungle safari 1 night 2 days

Day 1: Arrival At Chitwan, Tharu Village Tour and Breeding Center Visit

We arrive in Chitwan at around 1 to 2 pm in the afternoon. It is just 6 hours drive from Kathmandu and 5 hours drive from Pokhara. After lunch, we take part in a village tour ahead of us. The gentle elephants are the face of the national park.

The expert naturalists will lead you to the elephant sanctuary and breeding center, which was established in the year 1985. The center has the primary motive of captive breeding the domesticated elephants. In the evening, we have a gathering of fellow travelers, and we can observe the unique dance performance of the Tharu community.

The local Tharu community is famous for its stick dance. You can taste the delicious Tharu cuisine if you wish to. You can watch the beautiful sunset from the riverside. You can also light a campfire and enjoy barbeque dishes if you want to relax and take it lightly. We stay overnight at the resort.

Day 2: Birdwatching, Jungle Safari and Drive Back to Kathmandu

We wake up early in the morning to go bird watching. There are hundreds of species of birds that flock the region making for a fantastic highlight of the trek. The birds migrate in the area from as far as the sub-Saharan deserts in Africa.

We then have our breakfast and proceed for the main event that is the spectacular Chitwan jungle safari tour. We ride on the back of the elephant along with the guide to explore the lush jungles of Chitwan. Elephants are one of the gentlest animals, and they obey their masters (mahout) very well.

The elephant safari lets you spot animals on the elephants back. But you should stay as quiet as possible as they can notice even the slightest of sounds. You can come as close as 1 meter from other animals as they do not notice you on the top. After a full day of jungle activities, we drive back to Kathmandu.

Major Attractions of the Chitwan jungle safari 1 night 2 days

Jungle Safari

Chitwan jungle safari 1 night 2 days

The elephant safari is the primary attraction of this tour as you can spot wildlife from a close distance. The wild animals get close to elephants (as close as 1 meter) without them noticing the tourists. There will be an experienced rider leading the safari at all times.

Besides that, you are also accompanied by naturalists and local guides. But one thing you need to be sure of is that you should be very quiet during the whole safari. The wild animals get affected by even a small noise, and that will scare off the tigers, rhinos, and other animals.

The major attraction of this safari is the rare and endangered one-horned rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal tiger. The population of these rare and endangered animals have flourished due to the efforts of the national park. Besides that, you can also observe the quiet elephants, crocodiles, pythons, and deers in a verdant landscape.

The Chitwan national park is also the home of other animals like the rhesus monkey, grey langur, deer, leopards, wild cats, and others.

Bird watching

There are approximately 555 species of birds in Chitwan National Park and thus considered the perfect place for bird watching in Nepal. The 942 Sq. km national park and its buffer zones have hundreds of birds migrating as well as all season.

The birds chirp and fly around as we spot then using their distinct characterization. Some of the species of birds seen in the Chitwan National park tour are kingfishers, Ruddy Shelduck, Bulbul Bird, Peacocks, Storks, and Eagles.

For the birdwatching tour, we move to the Riverbanks and the plain grasslands as there is a higher chance of spotting birds in these places. You can also spot these birds at the jungle safari activities. An experienced Nature Guide will lead the team of fellow bird watchers.

Tharu cultural tour

The Tharu community is one of the most close-knit communities in Nepal. They have worked extensively to build a strong unity and have preserved their cultural heritage and traditions in forms of dance and other various art forms.

We go on an exciting tour of the Tharu village where we observe the architecture of the traditional Tharu house, the lifestyle of the people, and their daily routine. They also perform a unique stick dance that takes place in the evening. You can even taste the delicious Tharu cuisine in front of the campfire.

The Chitwan jungle safari 1 night 2 days tour is a perfect short trip for a weekend getaway from the hustle-bustle of the urban life. This short and exciting trip will refresh you to the core.

Do you have any enquiry to make? Submit your enquiry via the following form. We will get back to you within 24 hrs. Average response hrs is 2-3 hrs during office time.

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