6 nights 7 days Nepal Tour Package

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No matter which time and months around the year you visit, there’s no way you’re getting enough of Nepal. The country’s frantic cities cloaked with unimaginable art and rich history are there to immerse you any day. Nepal for 6 nights and 7 days One of the short and suitable tour packages is the Nepal Tour Package.

With its wide-open blue-sky and snow peaks, Nepal is always ready to embrace its visitors. And because of that, the country never sees a drastic fall in the number of visitors who flock in.

Hailed with natural beauty and wonders, Nepal has got many reverential tourist destinations. Still, it’s the famous places like Chitwan and Trishuli that claim demands amidst travelers.

The exotic places and cultural diversity are what draw people’s attention to the place. Significantly, it’s the benevolence that runs through the heart of people here, overwhelming every visitor.

Even for a new traveler, the place is no firm to adjust to. With this, they can escape the fuss of the city without trading off their comforts and lifestyle.

Our 6 nights 7 days Nepal Tour Package is a strive to provide you with a shared travel experience and grandeur. Trekkers can find a vast option to go with amongst countless adventures. This includes a safari experience in Chitwan National Park and a wildlife vista.

To experience the natural beauty of opulent cultures, Chitwan is the place to go with. The region captures the eye with its bursting adventure sites and breathtaking scenery.

If inclines to go with thrills and sweep away with scarring Trishuli river then better have a fun-filled river rafting. It’s an adventurous experience comprised of our 6 nights 7 days Nepal Tour Package.

This exciting trip offers every traveler to coast down the gushing rivers of Nepal. But for the first-time rafters, you must have the guidance of experts to eschew potential dangers.

Where is Chitwan National Park Located in Nepal?

Chitwan National Park is perhaps the most explored and overflown region anywhere in Nepal. No wonder, it has spilled an interest from explorers for so many years.

Located in the inner Terai lowlands, the park has become a go-to trekking spot for hikers. The park sees incredible diversity and variance in wild animals and birds.

Abode to other habitats includes strived hyenas, Asian palm civets, and Smooth-coated otters. Chitwan National park possesses 68 species of mammals and 543 species of protected birds.

Adjoining the east of the park is enormous Parsa National Park and south is Valmiki National Park. It is more of a tiger reserve and wildlife sanctuary nestled at the Nepal-India border.

Highlights of Chitwan National Park

  • Hot spot for a safari fanatic who wants to explore wide species of mammals and birds
  • Taste of city’s local food and signature dishes at nearby restaurants and food halls
  • Peek into the cultures, and traditions of different ethnic groups living in the region
  • Exploration of a primeval dense forest from tropical to alpine of the Himalayas and a wide range of vegetation
  • A short trip of hours and straight into the lap of Parsa National Park. It is a sanctuary to 919 species of flora inclusive with 298 vascular plants
  • Coolest and fancy shops to keep busy and get souvenirs for the recollection of memories
  • Jungle Safaris by elephant and jeep gets you the best and clear picture of animals. This being One-horned Asiatic rhinoceros and even the beautiful Bishazari Tal.
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When is the right time to visit Chitwan National Park?

Chitwan National Park

While our 6 nights 7 days Nepal Tour Package can arrange your visit to Chitwan National Park at any time of the year. You should visit the park during autumn and winter when the sky is somewhat clear. Also, the temperature is pleasant as the monsoon is still too far.

Still, if you want the best sighting of the wild species, then better plan the trip in-between late January to March. The villagers will have to rend grass now, thereby offering you more visibility.

Make sure that you don’t travel the region during monsoon as it’s difficult to spot animals. Even a jungle safari is impossible as the tracks become slimy and difficult to get through. During monsoon, Sauraha is susceptible to flooding and causes resorts to close down.

Where does Trishuli River Rafting lie in Nepal?

trishuli river rafting

Trishuli River Rafting is the most admired tourist destination in Nepal the day. Despite its menace, the place never sees a fall in the number of visitors traveling here.

Trishuli River is the major tributary of the Narayani River basin. It arises as a stream in Tibet and enters Nepal passing the border at Gyirong Town. The river itself is named after a trident of the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva.

In the world of rafting, the Trishuli river has gained tremendous popularity. Its high-end gorges with rapidly flowing water and some easier sections have caught people’s eye.

Highlights of Trishuli River Rafting

  • Rafting along with the scenic view of small gorges and passes of Trishuli river
  • A run away from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu Valley. And finding tranquility in the presence of the breathtaking Trishuli river
  • Easily reachable from Kathmandu and Pokhara within hours of drive
  • A pure adventure for thrill-seekers who want to encounter the landscape of Narayani
  • Close insight into the lifestyle and habitat of people living in the remote area
  • Easy access to Chitwan National Park can prove to be a perfect getaway to avoid the hustle of the city

Which is the best time for Trishuli River Rafting?

With its rolling rivers running across the gorges of highland, Nepal has earned a reputation for river rafting. While more and more tourists flock to the trek the Himalayas. River rafting, on the other hand, has got the same popularity.

It offers the best rafting experience anywhere in the world. Some of the rafting tours in Nepal include Karnali river rafting and Tamur river rafting.

Still, it’s the Trishuli river rafting that remains the most visited and crowded one. Having flown with 3+ grade, Trishuli is regarded as safe for all age groups.

The river rafting in Trishuli can be done throughout the year. However, it’s best if you raft the river during monsoon as it possesses more challenges and threats.

6 nights 7 days Nepal Tour Package Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu

Shortly after your arrival, our representative will receive you at Tribhuvan International Airport. Not to keep you waiting and bewildered in the crowd, they will notify you by holding your name board.

A formal encounter and a greeting are what you can expect at the arrival point. From there, you’ll take a short drive and head to your hotel.

A tiring flight of hours has you exhausted. Hence, we’ll let you get a rest there before freshening up freshening can dawdle through the city.

The flickering lights of the valley with a vibrant crowd have your stress vanished away. For the evening you can enjoy local food and cuisines at cool restaurants in Thamel.

You may also meet and interact with your private and plan the holiday trip accordingly. He will instruct and accommodate you to get all the required stuff in the trip of 6 nights 7 days Nepal Tour Package.

Day 02: Full-day Kathmandu City Tour

kathmandu durbar square

For the second day of your Nepal visit, we plan to take you on a tour of Kathmandu City for an entire day. After you have your morning breakfast, we’ll pick you up from your hotel and withhold you for the next 8 hours.

The first hour of the trip is going to be frenetic as we visit beautiful Kathmandu Durbar Square. Listed as a UNESCO heritage site, KDS is always the best place to get started the valley visit.

The whole place suffused with the palaces, picturesque art, statues, and courtyards will give you an inexorable vivacity. The ancient buildings from the 15th century with royal trace, bedeck Hanuman Dhoka, and a statue of Ganesh is the main attraction.

After beholding the beauty of Kathmandu Durbar Square, we head towards Swayambhunath. It is the abode of ancient architecture. With its unique history and religious shrines, the place has now become the city’s favorite tourist spot.

The formation of the valley itself has been a source of amusement for the travelers. Better known as Monkey Temple, Swayambhunath lies atop a hill. The place is comprised of ample holy temples, monasteries, and Buddhist scriptures.

From Swayambhunath, you can capture the view of the overwhelming Kathmandu Valley and hills. After sightseeing, you’ll stop at a local restaurant for lunch and continue the trip.

Patan Durbar Square is our next stop. Here you’ll get the quintessence of the 17th-century royal lifestyle. The place serves its own unique culture and values that awe-struck visitors.

It displays the most eccentric side of the Newari community and its architecture. Patan Durbar Square has the finest collection of religious sites to visit including Krishna Mandir and Bhimsen Temple.

Nearly all travelers visiting the durbar square will as well explore Patan Museum. They perceive the traditional art and architecture of Malla’s reign.

In the evening, we’ll walk through the street of the sacred Hindu temple Pashupatinath. Built-in pagoda-style, Pashupatinath is a true masterpiece and a work of ancient art. You won’t stay here long and scoot right after the evening of Aarati (Hindu religious ritual of worshipping).

The day ends and you’ll decamp to your hotel and have dinner. A peaceful night to escape the stressful day and the next day, your trip resumes.

Day 03: Trishuli Rafting and River Fun Beach Resort Stay

Trishuli River Rafting is the other fun-packed trip from our 6 nights 7 days Nepal Tour Package.

On the third day of the trip, you’ll leave your hotel early in the morning after just having breakfast. From there, you’ll take a drive of almost 2-3 hours before arriving at the starting point.

Trishuli River Rafting is a thrilling white-water river rafting trip. It has easy access from Kathmandu and Pokhara. Before helming on the rushing river, you’ll be guided by a team of experts.

And you’re supposed to follow all the instructions given by them to avoid any major accident. The rafting starts from Charaudi Red House and continues for at least 4 hours. Flowing down you’ll reach River Fun Beach Resort.

After the fun-filled ride, you’ll be having a fabulous buffet lunch at the resort. The day hasn’t ended yet so you can enjoy yourself by exploring the nearby botanical garden and fishing.

Walking villages of Narayani is also an option for those who don’t want to swim any longer. Overnight at the River Fun Beach Resort is rightly best as it will give you the ebullience to set off on the next trip.

Day 04: River Fun Beach Resort to Chitwan (Drive 2 hours)

In the first hour of the very morning, you’ll have a delicious breakfast at the resort. As you won’t be leaving the resort immediately, sighting the magnificent landscape of Narayani is a great alternative.

After some sightseeing, you’re now ready to leave the place and head to Chitwanaling. A drive of about 2 hours through Prithivi Highway and you’ll touch the lowlands of Inner Terai. And there you finally reach Chitwan.

Day 05: Full Day in Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

From here, you’ll head towards your respective hotel and have lunch before walking through the city. In the expanse of a few miles, you’ll arrive at the vibrant Sauraha, a small village in Chitwan Valley.

It’s an axis for travelers to visit Chitwan National Park and even the Tharu Museum. From contemplating International Elephant Polo Games to visiting night tower, there’s so much to do here.

In Sauraha and around Chitwan, you can see the cultural influence of the Tharu people the most. This might eventually draw your interest to know more about these minor groups, their values, and their norms.

While strolling through the village, you can witness many local shops trading wooden handicraft items. For the lucky ones, you can find giant rhinos walking the road and even on the bank of the Rapti River.

Sauraha even has an amusing Tharu cultural show to offer to travelers along with serenity. Other spectacular things to experience in Sauraha involve the tour of the Elephant breeding Center and visiting the Hindu pilgrimage Devghat.

Despite all these incredible adventures, it’s the Chitwan National Park that has the spotlight all year round. And the park is so convenient to reach that it’s on the key list of every other tourist visiting the country.

It is the first national park in Nepal and lies in the inner terai valley of south-central Nepal. Stretching from Chure hill to the lowlands of India in the south, the park covers 932 sq. km in the area.

For so many years, the park has fostered plenty of wild species and flora including the rare Bengal Tiger.

It’s the habitat of more than 700 species of wildlife including spotted linsangs and leopard cats. Other animals and birds conserved by the sanctuary are monitor lizards, Gharial Crocodile, and flycatchers.

If you wish to get the best out of the park then a jeep safari is perhaps a great option. This considerably helps you spot the animals and gives you a scenic view.

After the wildlife sightings in Chitwan National Park, you make a return to your hotel. You then freshen up and join the group for dinner.

Day 06; Chitwan to Kathmandu (Drive 5 hrs)

After a well-spent day at the heart of Chitwan, you’re now ready to leave the city behind. The early next morning, you’ll have your breakfast at the hotel and pack your bags before checking out.

You’ll be driving on your way to Kathmandu from Chitwan. It will take you about 5 hours for 175 km before reaching the valley. If you’re willing to take a regular flight from Chitwan, it will take about 15 minutes. Flights are there to accommodate you every other hour.

After arriving in Kathmandu, you’ll be dropped at your hotel where you can have lunch. You can spend the tedious day strolling through the cities.

There are even cultural events happening around the streets of Kathmandu during festivals. For movie buffs, you can go to the nearest movie theatres.

Likewise, visiting shopping malls and dining at your favorite food hall is the best way to stay occupied. This now brings us to the end of your 6 nights 7 days Nepal Tour package.

Day 07: Final Departure:

Forlorn but the day has come when you have to say goodbye to Nepal. On the last day of Nepal’s visit, you’ll be picked up a few hours before the flight.

They’ll keep assisting you throughout and till the time you catch your flight. Soon you’ll be home with the only memories collected from the trip.

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