3 nights 4 days Chitwan package

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With lush vegetation, dense forests, and unique flora and fauna, Chitwan or Chitwan package is one of the most well-known destinations for travelers looking to indulge themselves out in the wild. Situated in the tropical lowlands of Terai, approximately 200 km away from Kathmandu, Chitwan is well-famed for its wildlife and cultural activities.

One of the oldest and most well-protected heritage sites of Nepal, the Chitwan National Park is the major attraction of this place with thousands of tourists flocking every year to witness the sight of the most endangered species such as the one-horned Rhino, the Bengal tiger, and many others.

The warm sight of the dense green forests and the ever-flowing Rapti river welcome you. Simal, Sisal, and Khair are the dominant species of trees in these forests.

The Chitwan National Park is also home to more than 450 species of birds, 43 species of mammals, 45 species of reptiles, and all the other endangered species. While at Chitwan, you can take an elephant ride or jeep safari to witness the distinct and unique flora and fauna all by yourself.

3 nights 4 days chitwan package

Chitwan is also famous for its rich Tharu cultures, and you can also observe their traditional stick dance, which fascinates tourists every year.

This 3 nights/ 4 days Chitwan package trip covers all the major attractions of Chitwan and gives you a chance to experience Chitwan, and its natural beauty up close. We provide all the help possible, to make your travel more pleasant and hassle-free.
Trip Facts
Duration : 3 Nights 4 Days cChitwanpackage
Start Point: Kathmandu
End Point: Kathmandu
Trip Level: Easy
Accommodation: Single / Double Sharing
Best Time: September to May
Transportation: Flight / Tourist Bus / Jeep or Private Car.
Main Highlights of The Package:

  • Visiting one of Asia’s best national parks listed on a world heritage site.
  • Witnessing the fantastic sunset and sunrise along the Rapti river bank.
  • Witness crocodiles basking in the riverbank.
  • Indulging yourself in the lush green jungle enriched with flora and fauna.
  • Chance to view two of the most endangered species in the world. The Royal Bengal tiger and the one-horned Rhino.
  • Discover the unique cultures and traditions of the Tharu community.
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3 Day 4 Night Tour Itenary

Day 01: Arrival at Chitwan From Kathmandu

On your arrival at Sauraha, our representatives will pick you up from the bus park or Bharatpur Airport and transfer you to the hotel. Our representatives will explain the briefings of the trip after which you can check into your rooms and relax. The timeline for the rest of the day goes like

  • Lunch at Hotel/Lodge.
  • Village Tour and visit the elephant stables.
  • A short walk along the riverside.
  • Sunset view from the banks of the Rapti river.
  • Dinner.
  • Tharu cultural dance presentation by the local villagers.

Day 02: Full Day In Chitwan National Park

The following day you will visit the Chitwan National Park for many adventurous activities such as jeep safari, jungle walk, and canoe ride. These give you an excellent opportunity for bird watching and witnessing rare species of crocodiles.

  • Wake up and morning refreshments.
  • Breakfast at Hotel/Lodge.
  • Canoe ride along the Rapti River + Jungle Walk.
  • Visiting the Elephant breeding center.
  • Lunch.
  • Jeep Safari inside Chitwan National Park. (including crocodile breeding center)
  • Dinner.

Day 03: Full Day In Chitwan National Park

The third day also is full of Jungle activities inside the Chitwan National Park. We conduct Elephant Safari, which helps to observe different kinds of deers, the endangered one-horned Rhino, wild boar, monkey leopard, and even a royal Bengal tiger.

  • Wake up and morning refreshments
  • Breakfast at Hotel / Lodge
  • Bird Watching /Observing the surrounding nature/Leisure time
  • Lunch
  • Elephant Safari
  • Witnessing the incredible sunset at the banks of Rapti river
  • Dinner with Tharu cultural programs.

Day 04: Departure Back To Kathmandu

The trip comes to an end, and our representatives drop you back at the bus stop or airport from where you will be heading back to the capital.

  • Wake-up call
  • Morning Refreshments and breakfast
  • Departure for onward journey

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How Do I Get To Chitwan?

There are various modes of transportation to get you to Chitwan. The best way is by picking up a tourist bus. They cost you anywhere around $6 – $12. It depends on the type of tourist bus you pick. These buses leave early at 7 in the morning with their central hub at Kantipath, Jamal. If the location is a little distant for you, you can meet them at any of their designated stop points. Some of them are Sorukhutte, Sundhara, Teku, Kalimati, or Kalanki. Consult with the bus company for a meeting point suitable for both of you. The journey from Kathmandu to Chitwan is approximate 6 hours with lunch, and breakfast stops. You need to buy the meals at the respective stops.

Another alternative is catching a flight from Kathmandu to Bharatpur. Domestic airlines such as Buddha and Yeti Air conduct up to 3 or 4 flights daily and the flight costs around $100. Flight time is around 20-25 minutes and is an entirely pleasant one. So if you want to avoid the hassle of a long journey, you can always take a flight.

Local buses and Jeeps also travel this route every day, and they cost you much cheaper than the tourist buses. But they are often too crowded and noisy. They even stop at many locations to load more passengers. These buses can cost you around $3-$4.

If you want to travel solo, you can also book a private vehicle. Many private companies offer you a private car with a driver. The average cost of booking a private vehicle can cost you around $80- $100.

So, with many choices, choose the option which is favorable for your budget and the one which matches your comfort preference.
What Is The Total Cost And What It Includes?
The total cost for 3 nights and 4 days Chitwan package comes between $160 – $230. But, the numbers can change according to the mode of transportation you select, the type of accommodation you desire, group size, or the duration.

What The Cost includes in 3 nights 4 days Chitwan package

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or casual tea/coffee.
  • Three nights’ accommodation
  • Chitwan National Park entrance and activities fee.
  • The activities include canoeing, Jeep safari, Elephant safari, Tharu culture programs, village sightseeing, elephant breeding center visit, etc.
  • Highly experienced safari guide’s fee
  • Wi-Fi
  • Service charges and government taxes.

What The Cost Doesn’t Include

  • Any personal expenses such as alcohol, and laundry.
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu.
  • Accident or health emergencies, loss or theft of personal belongings.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Tips or Gratuities

What Type Of Clothing Do I Need To Wear?

The summer season falls between June and September. If you visit it during this time, the weather is hot and humid, so we recommend that you wear light clothes as the temperatures climb out quite rapidly. If you visit in late December or so onwards, carry some warm clothes with you because the morning and nighttime are quite chilly with dense fog covering all over.

For jungle walks and safari, regular clothes should handle it pretty well as the job is not quite challenging. Still, a good pair of hiking pants and shoes will provide you with more comfort in your journey.

Travel as lightweight as possible. It’s better if you check the weather before traveling. The weather down in Chitwan is not that extreme, so some regular clothes and a sturdy pair of shoes are enough for this trip!

Food And Accommodation During The Stay

The food available here is typical Nepali dishes among which the most famous remains the Thakali Khana Set. It consists of Rice, dal, spinach, curd, meat(according to your preference), and a variety of pickles. Still, If you’re not a big fan of it, no worries because you also can find western dishes as per your preference. So, Bon Appetite!

Throughout your trip, you will be staying in very comfortable hotels or lodges with attached bathrooms. The rooms are clean and sanitary. The rooms have a W-Fi Connection, a TV, and a Geyser. The standard of accommodation for this 3-night 4 days Chitwan package is very high.
The Best Season To Visit

Although visitable throughout the year there are certain seasons where the climate and the scenery are more favorable. Temperatures can reach up to a peak of 35-degree celsius from April to September. November to February is much more relaxed and reaches up to only 19-degree celsius. The best time to visit the Chitwan National Park is October to May, and the best time for bird watching is from December to March.

Activities During The Stay

1. Elephant Safari

elephant safari
Seated high up on an elephant’s back, you get to witness the abundant grasslands and the core areas of the national park. Throughout the journey, you get up close and personal with the wildlife inside. It’s not the most comfortable of rides, but you’ll have no time to think about it as you’ll be enjoying and admiring the views of the national park.

2. Canoe Ride And Jungle Walk

The guide takes you in the canoe across the Rapti river. If you’re lucky enough, you can even view the two rarest species of crocodiles, namely the Marsh Mugger and Gharial. After canoeing, you take an exciting walk through the blooming sub-tropical jungles of Chitwan National Park which provides excellent views of deers, rhinos, sloth bears, etc.

3. Jeep Safari

jeep safari
Jeep Safari is another thrilling adventure inside the Chitwan National Park as you travel along with the grasslands and the rivers in the forest. Along the way, you will witness, some of nature’s marvelous creations. You will also make your way into Gharial Hatchery Farm where you will learn about the upbringing of the crocodiles and how they are later released into the rivers.

4. Village Tour And Visiting Elephant Breeding Center

We take a short village tour and observe the life of the Tharu community and how they have preserved the forest for centuries. The guides also take you to Hattisar where you can note how the caretakers prepare the elephant’s meal and how they eat in the breeding center. The caretakers also explain the nature of the elephants.

5. Tharu Cultural Programs in Chitwan Package

You can also observe the cultural dances of the Tharus who come and perform for you. The most common dance that you will get to witness is the Tharu’s stick dance, which has fascinated tourists every year.

6. Bird Watching

Chitwan is one of the best spots for bird watching where you get to witness rarest species such as Cormorants, Blue Indian Roller, Hornbills, Grey-headed eagles, and many more.

Safety And Security Throughout The Trip
There are certain things you need to remember while going on Jungle Safari and walks. We try our best to focus on safety and security measures during this 3 nights 4 days Chitwan package trip. So, it’s best if you do not tease any wild animals you might witness. Also, we recommend that you follow the instructions of your guide for preventing any mishaps. Follow these steps, and we ensure you will have a safe and enjoyable trip in this Chitwan package.

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