15 Best Trekking Places Near Pokhara

Published By: October 25, 2022Written By:Shankar Adhikari

Pokhara, in Nepal, is well-known for its lakes. Similarly, Pokhara greets you with a natural beauty you haven’t seen before. Likewise, Pokhara is the ideal location for trekking if you enjoy it. The nicest aspect of Pokhara is its beauty, which is surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains. You can only view Pokhara’s splendor when it is covered with snow, which occurs in the months of October through January. If this is your first time to Pokhara, you will be enthralled by its natural beauty. The 15 Best Trekking Places to Visit Near Pokhara are listed below:

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

One of the well-known trekking locations in Pokhara is Annapurna. Moreover, with peaks rising to 8000 meters, Annapurna Base Camp is home to the world’s tenth-highest mountain, Mount Annapurna. The main strip is lined with so many stores that cater to the base camp. You can also find cheap entertainment options at Annapurna Base Camp, including arcade games, bumper cars, bowling, and auto racing machines. A difficult hiking location that you couldn’t previously trek is Annapurna. You will have such a lovely time at Annapurna Base Camp that you won’t ever want to miss going back there.

Dhampus Trek

A Gurung community’s ethnic village is accessible via the Dhampus Trek from Pokhara. The Dhampus Trek is a short two-day hike that passes via the well-known overlooks of Sarangkot, Naudanda, and Dhampus. The background scenery is very stunning. Furthermore, the Dhampus walk displays its beauty and gives us a sense of our shared uniqueness and unity. Your gear, including jerkins, water bottles, and lip protectors, should be present. You will have one of the best trekking experiences on the Dhampus Trek.

Siklesh Trek

A group of Gurung people, sometimes known as Ghurkhas, dwell in low-lying villages along the Siklesh Trip, a wonderful short trek that traverses a variety of terrain. Furthermore, the walk leads you to the stunning Begnas Taal over pathways that gradually and slowly climb in elevation, teaching novice trekkers how to hike. Likewise, beginners will find the Siklesh trek routes to be very obvious, and it will be a fantastic chance to showcase their skills. Siklesh is a superbly kept-upon village situated at a height of 3000 meters on a little hill.

Ghandruk Trek

The Ghandruk Trek greets you with its scenic surroundings and a few of the local cultures. Ghandruk Trek’s calm, enchanting environment and atmosphere will win you over. Similarly, the trip over the scenic roads and through the forests in the lower Annapurna Region is quite amazing. You can go to the Gurung settlement of Ghandruk, which features Fishtail and Annapurna mountain views. One of the thrilling and quick treks in Pokhara is the Ghandruk trek, which takes you through the villages and offers breathtaking Himalayan vistas.

Panchase Trek

The Panchase trip takes three days, and its highest point is at a height of 2500 m. The Panchase journey takes you through the Annapurna region’s villages and woods. You may experience the stunning and amazing surroundings of the Panchase walk. You won’t see any mountains, unlike other lengthier journeys. The accommodations are decent while on the journey. You can stay in tea houses that give you the impression that you’re in a wonderful, romantic mood. Food options include chapatti, rice, dal, and momos.

The Begnaskot Trek

The Bregnaskot walk is well-known for its beautiful seal trees and lakes. One of the most well-liked hiking routes in the nation appears to be the Begnaskot trek. Trekking is ideal in the woodland close to Begnas Lake. You can take a boat over Begnas, cross it on the other side, trek up to Begnaskot, and then enjoy the breathtaking views of Begnas and Rupa Lake, a forest that covers the entire hill, and the Himalayan Mountains. Begnaskot Temple greets you with its holy nature and vibrations if you enjoy visiting temples.

The Landruk Trek

Do not skip the Landurk trek if you are in Pokhara. The Landurk hike offers distinct and original sights to see. f you enjoy hiking, the Landurk hike will make your trip extra special and unforgettable. Likewise, you can access breathtaking landscape that cheers your heart by walking through the forest and traveling on a route that isn’t fully paved. Lastly, spending time in Landurk and taking a break from modern life provide you with amazing memories.

The Pothana Trek

Many trekkers have an affinity for the outdoors. With glimpses of its natural beauty and the heavenly ambiance around the Himalayan peaks, the Pothana trek guides you. When you are hiking and the clouds touch you, you experience joy. For so many living creatures, including humans, wild animals, and birds, it is like a paradise. People in the Pothana area give off an impression of unity in diversity.

The Sarangkot Trek

The most picturesque trek in all of Pokhara is the Sarangkot trail. Sarangkot Trek’s morning sunshine sensations are one of the undefined experiences, and they are its best feature. You can see multiple waterfalls and snow-capped mountains from Sarangkot. Sarangkot can reach a height of 1600 m. The walk also passes through towns where you can learn about the people’s cultures, way of life, and favorite foods. Your stuff must be carried by you. They must have a temperature of fewer than 25 degrees, so you must have jerkins and a first aid kit with you. Among the 15 Best Places to Visit Near Pokhara, The Sarangkot Trek is one of the Nearest treks.

The Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Nature lovers are drawn to the Ghorepani Poon hill hike by its stunning surroundings and snow-capped mountains. Thanks to the Ghorepani Trek, learners can learn about hiking in areas like snowy places. Similarly, it takes 3 to 4 days to complete the trek. Likewise, the height of Poon Hill can reach 3131 m. Among the 15 Best Places to Visit Near Pokhara, The Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is one of the most popular. Any guesthouse with the company and a reasonable price are available for your stay. The best food is Nepalese, but you can also obtain other foods like chapatti, rice, and dal.

The Sirubari Village Trek

The hospitality of the Sirubari Village hike is well known. It is a recently established trekking location in the village of Sirubari, and it attracts tourists because of its cold climate. The settlement of Sirabari is situated in the Syangja district, southwest of Pokhara. Sirubari Place is the ideal location for hiking, and you can learn how Sirubari Village is a crowded farming community at 1700 meters above sea level. Furthermore, the natural beauty of Sirubari village creates a positive impression.

The Banthati Trek

The Banthati hike is a good option if you want to try something new or are seeking for something funny. he Banthati Trek is a 3- to 4-day excursion. Additionally, the sun rises swiftly in Banthati Trek, which is why it appears to be such a nice way to start the day. You can browse for items like antiques, locally crafted jewelry, and other artistic goods in Banthati Trek. The walk is somewhat dangerous, therefore you must be prepared with all of your needs.

The Naudanda Day Trek

The Naudanda day walk is a worthwhile excursion near Pokhara. Naudanda Hiking is enjoyable hiking where you are surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. From Naudanda, you may take in the morning splendor of Silver Mountain and the best of the ethnic Nepali community. Moreover, Naudanda Trail is 1443 meters long. Lastly, the view of the mountains, which includes the Annapurna, Machhapuchre (commonly called Fishtail), Ganesh Himal, Phewa Lakes, Pokhara Valley, and paragliding, is among the greatest.

Australian Base Camp

Overlooking the valleys of the Annapurna Mountain Range lies an Australian camp. For enthusiasts of trekking, Australia is the ideal location. It is situated in Pokhara’s northwestern region. The term “Thulo Kharka” for Australian Camp refers to grazing grounds. People from Austria used to visit here in the early 1980s for its lovely natural surroundings, hence the origin of the name Australian camp. There are lodges where you can stay that have great meals, a decent climate, and access to Wi-Fi. One of the weirdest and best spots to go trekking is Australian Camp. Lastly, the treks to Australian Base Camp are among the 15 Best Places to Visit Near Pokhara.

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